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Petrobras (PETR4), Copel (CPLE6) and 8 more shares with dividends of up to 12.56%; see the November ranking

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Petrobras leads the list of shares that paid the most dividends to its shareholders (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

THE Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR4) leads the list of stocks that paid the most dividends to its shareholders in November, with a return of 12.56%, according to a survey by Economics/TCthe request of Money Times🇧🇷

THE CSN Mineração 🇧🇷CMIN3) ranks second in the ranking of the best earnings. The company had a dividend yield of 11.52% in the period, with distribution of R$ 0.124287 per share.

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Petrobras’ ordinary shares, on the other hand, PETR3are in third place with 11.02%.

Closing the top five, CSN 🇧🇷CSNA3) and Gerdau 🇧🇷GGBR4) had yields of 8.12% and 6.81%, respectively.

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Check out the top 10 dividend payers in November:

Company ticker Dividend Yield – November
Petrobras PETR4 12.56%
CSN Mineração CMIN3 11.52%
Petrobras PETR3 11.02%
CSN CSNA3 8.12%
Gerdau GGBR4 6.81%
Bradespar BRAP4 5.39%
copel CPLE6 4.55%
JBS JBSS3 4.54%
Metalúrgica Gerdau GOAU4 3.65%
Taesa TAEE11 3.07%

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Source: Moneytimes

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