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China: Xi unwilling to accept western vaccines despite protests: US intelligence

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China has not approved any foreign vaccines against Covid-19, opting instead for those produced domestically (Image: REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

the chinese leader Xi Jinping unwilling to accept western vaccines, despite the challenges that China face with the Covid-19 and while the recent protests do not pose a threat to the ruling Communist Party, they could affect his personal position, said the US director of national intelligence. United StatesAvril Haines, on Saturday.

Even though the daily cases of coronavirus at China are near historic peaks, some cities are taking steps to loosen testing and quarantine rules after Xi’s Covid-zero policy triggered public unrest and a sharp economic slowdown.

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Haines, speaking at the annual National Defense Forum in California, said that despite the social and economic impact of the virus, Xi “is not willing to accept a better vaccine from the West and instead relies on a vaccine gives China which is simply not as effective against the Omicron.”

“To see the protests and the response to them is to contradict the narrative he likes to present, which is that the China it’s much more effective in government,” Haines said.

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THE China has not approved any foreign vaccine against Covid-19opting for those produced domestically, which some studies suggest are not as effective as foreign ones, which means that relaxing virus prevention measures could bring great risks, according to experts.

Source: Moneytimes

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