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Terra indicates to buy Google (GOGL34), Amazon (AMZO34) and another 8 BDRs in December; Look

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In the last month, Terra’s portfolio was behind the BDRX, with a return of 5.06%, against a 7.09% advance of the reference index (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli)

For December, the Terra Investimentos maintained the same strategy as last month in its portfolio of BDRs🇧🇷

The portfolio consists of Google 🇧🇷GOGL34🇧🇷 Berkshire Hathaway 🇧🇷BERK34🇧🇷 apple 🇧🇷AAPL34🇧🇷 JPMorgan 🇧🇷JPMC34🇧🇷 Microsoft 🇧🇷MSFT34🇧🇷 pfizer 🇧🇷PFIZ34🇧🇷 Tesla 🇧🇷TSLA34🇧🇷 Coke 🇧🇷COCA34) and walmart 🇧🇷WALM34🇧🇷

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In the last month, the wallet was behind the BDRX indexwith a return of 5.06%, against an increase of 7.09% in the reference index.

The portfolio’s positive highlights in the period were the BDRs of Microsoft and JPMorgan, which appreciated 10.22% and 9.26%, respectively. On the other hand, Tesla and Amazon led the downside, with drops of 15.33% and 6.21%.

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See the BDRs for December0:

Source: Moneytimes

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