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Dividends of up to 58%: 8 shares that pay more than the current Selic rate of 13.75%

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Petrobras shares beat the Selic and delivered dividends greater than the index in the 12-month period (Image: Diana Cheng/Money Times)

You dividends gives Petrobras 🇧🇷PETR3🇧🇷PETR4) in the last 12 months beat the current percentage of Selic rate of 13.75%, shows the survey of Economics/TCthe request of Money Times🇧🇷 The state was the role of Ibovespa 🇧🇷IBOV) which delivered the highest earnings in the period.

At the last meeting of the year, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom)of Central Bank (BC)chose to keep the basic interest rate at 13.75% per annum. The Brazilian interest rate was set at the current level in August this year, marking the end of the monetary tightening in the country.

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According to Economatica’s survey, Petrobras’ preferred shares (PETR4) had dividend yield of 57.94% in 12 months until Tuesday (6), while the common ones, PETR3, delivered 55.15% in earnings.

The shares of the state-owned company occupy the third place in the ranking in 20 Market Analysts’ Favorite Dividend Payers for the month of December. According to Inter Investthere is an attractive relationship between
return to Petrobras. “O dividend yield remains attractive”, they evaluate.

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In addition to Petrobras, other stocks surpass the current Selic. Then, Bradespar 🇧🇷BRAP4) and Taesa 🇧🇷TAEE11) paid 17.08% and 16.75%, respectively, in dividends.

Closing the top 5, the shareholders of copel 🇧🇷CPLE6) received 16.17% in the period.

See the eight stocks that still pay dividends above the Selic:

*Until 12/06/2022

Source: Moneytimes

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