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Dividends: See which will be the 10 biggest payers in 2023

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Genial expects companies in the sector to remain below the historical level of distribution of earnings (Image: Pixabay)

Despite forecasting a challenging year for the market in 2023, the great says that the scenario favors debt payers dividendsshows a report published on Tuesday (24).

According to analysts, fiscal expansion could put pressure on inflationdemanding a higher interest rate for a longer period of time.

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According to the brokerage, leveraged sectors will suffer with the upward movement of the Selic (health, retail and transport) showing higher expenses with financial expenses.

On the other hand, sectors that benefit from fees higher levels or exporting companies can be an escape valve.

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See the highest payers for 2023

Company ticker Dividend yield 2023 Frequency
Petrobras PETR4 22.10% Irregular
Petrobras PETR3 20.90% Irregular
Bank of Brazil BBAS3 14.00% Irregular
Bradespar BRAP4 13.70% Yearly
eztec EZTC3 10.00% semester
cyrela CYRE3 9.90% semester
Engie EGIE3 9.60% Yearly
Taesa TAEE11 9.50% Quarterly
CPFL CPFE3 9.30% Irregular
SLC SLCE3 9.10% Irregular

The best sectors for dividends

With interest rates skyrocketing, the safe must observe the combination of a good level of income, with a drop in costs (decrease in the loss ratio), says the great“generating a positive impact on the financial result and consequently increasing the profit of companies in the segment”.

“The high volume of written premiums accompanied by portfolio repricing and loss ratio reduction can contribute positively to the companies’ cash generation”, says the brokerage.

In the case of banks, the great expects companies in the sector to remain below the historical level of distribution of earnings.

“The rapid and strong increase in Selic has had an impact on treasury results and an increase in Provision for Doubtful Accounts (PDD) by banks. The good bets are on banks with a credit portfolio with less participation of individuals, as this reduces the risk of default”, he says.

For the electricity sector, analysts draw attention to the possibility of dividends extraordinary.

“It is worth noting that companies in the sector are able to pay dividends beyond profit if leverage is controlled”, he says.

Among the segments, the transmission companies must be the big stars, while the generators can suffer with the excess of installed capacity, driving the price of energy down throughout the year.

Among commodities, the great still see good dividends.

“Even with the gradual reopening of China, mining companies must face a year full of uncertainties ahead. The consequences of the reopening process may make it difficult to maintain the price of ore at levels above US$100 throughout 2023″, he discusses.

In the oil and gas sector, the great states that the lack of investments in the sector added to the reopening of the China will take the prices of Petroleum to continue at high levels.

“The market is betting on changes in the distribution policy of dividends of the main oil company in the country. In this scenario, if there is no interference in the pricing policy, we can still observe good levels of returns via earnings”, he adds.

Source: Moneytimes

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