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Real estate fund closes rental agreement; Ifix renews low of the year with FII extending fall sequence

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Real estate funds index renews the lowest level of the year with the fund engaging the sixth consecutive drop (Image: Reproduction/The One)

the real estate fund Patria Corporate Buildings (PATC11) informed the market that it closed the lease of a gross leasable area (GLA) of 359.4 square meters of the The Onein São Paulo, with the investment company IRIS3P.

The contract, in the typical format, is for 60 months (5 years) and will go into effect on February 6th. According to PATC11, the monthly rent is equivalent to approximately R$ 0.02 per share.

real estate fund index

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The index of real estate funds (ifix) gives B3 closed the trading session this Tuesday (24) down 0.14%, at 2,812 points, renewing the lowest level in a month. despite the brazilian scholarship open normally tomorrow, public holiday in the city of Sao Paulothe trading volume was the lowest of the last 10 days.

Among the funds, the high highlight was the LogCP Inter (LGCP11), which rose 2.37%. In contrast, the background Tordesillas EI (TORD11) was the one that fell the most on the day, with a devaluation of 2.79%, falling for the sixth consecutive session. Next comes the Barigui Real Estate Income (BARI11), which retreated 2.51%, returning part of the 3.53% gains recorded the day before.

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Asked by B3 about the oscillations it has been showing, above all, about the strong and unusual financial volume observed yesterday, in which it moved more than R$ 3.7 million, the fund claimed not to be “aware of any information, act or fact that may justify the atypical oscillations in the increase in the number of trades and in the number of shares traded”.

Source: Moneytimes

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