Shareholders of Oi (OIBR3) ask for changes in the board of directors; understand

Requests from Oi shareholders for changes in the board of directors will be evaluated when the missing documents are sent (Image: Money Times/ Gustavo Kahil)

THE Hey (OIBR3) informed this Thursday (26) that three of its shareholders requested the calling of an extraordinary meeting for changes in the company’s board of directors. The request was made by investors Tempo Capital Principal, Victor Adler and VIC DTVM.

In the request, they request the reduction of the collegiate from nine to seven members; the dismissal of the council; in addition to the unified term of two years from the election of the members.

THE Heyhowever, stated that the request did not present a series of information that includes the members that the shareholders intend to appoint to the board of directors and, therefore, will wait to “give regular processing to the defendant”.

Among the missing information are the declaration signed by each one containing complete qualification; description of professional experience; and information on disciplinary and judicial proceedings that have become final and unappealable in which you have been convicted.

According to data from Oi, Victor Adler and VIC DTVM own 8.24% of Oi’s preferred shares and 0.2% of the company’s total capital.

See Oi’s statement

Source: Moneytimes

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