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Bolsonaro’s ‘final letter’ regulates market that even doubled money in 15 days

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Bill regulates innovative investment market capable of transforming ordinary people into millionaires; understand (Image: REUTERS/Adriano Machado)

Exactly on the day December 18, 2022we published here in Money Times an article warning about a unique opportunity: how to win R$ 120 as a gift and look for 10-fold multiplication in the long run.

The alert at the time spoke of a clear tendency for cryptocurrencies to rise from 2023 onwards. institutionalization of cryptocurrenciesincreasingly accepted in the financial market and with more favorable regulations.

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For you to have an idea of ​​what is happening in the world, the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Brazil was one of the Jair Bolsonaro’s “Final Cards”before leaving the government.

we talk about Bill 4401/21 on digital currencies, a document that followed from the National Congress to the table of then-President Jair Bolsonaro.

bolsonaro letter bill
This is the document on the regulation of digital currencies. Source: Federal Senate
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The approval of the above document placed Brazil at the forefront of the digital asset marketas well as countries like Germany and the United States, which are also advancing in regulation.

This means that we are more favorably positioned to attract investment in crypto-related businesses.

Of course we broke this news. And not only that: we also published that a company offered a deposit of R$ 120 as a gift on the account of several Brazilians so that they would invest in this idea.

And as you can see, in just fifteen days of 2023, some assets pre-selected by a group of crypto experts even doubled in value. See the graphic below:

bolsonaro card cryptocurrency money
Source: Empiricus / Date 1/15/2023

If you missed this first opportunity because you didn’t see the news, here’s your new chance.

It is clear that there is no causal relationship – a direct connection – between the approval of Bolsonaro’s Law and the above valuations, because the quotations of digital currencies take place in a global scenario.

Even so, this is one more event among many that are happening in the world that favor the development of the crypto market.

In just a few days of 2023, the Brazilians who believed in the turning point of this market and positioned themselves in this thesis could accumulate profits between +12 to +104%more than doubling the amount invested in the latter case.

And as said, If these projections are correctthis is just the beginning: the event in question can unlock long-term multiplications up to 10 times just for bitcoin. Not to mention the upside potential with other crypto assets.

The appreciation of minor currencies in a bull cycle is usually higher, but how much you can profit is simply incalculable. Here you will find reports from a team of specialists that managed to deliver highs of up to 18,215% with a single currency.

On average, this team made profits of 742% from August 22, 2017 to the end of 2022, even facing a low tide in the markets. The question that remains is: how much profit can be made from bull markets?

The great opportunity, however, is hidden from the eyes of Brazilians: it is still possible receive R$ 120 completely as a gift to take advantage of this trend.

In this way, you guarantee exposure of your investment to the opportunity that is already happening – without having to put a penny out of your own pocket in play.

This alternative is excellent for more conservative investors who want to look for large multiplications, but don’t have the courage to put their own money on the line.

To take advantage of this chance and collect the amount of BRL 120 in an account in your name, just click here to check the details.

This opportunity has already generated profits of +104% in 15 days; see why this could be just the beginning of something bigger

The regulation of digital currencies helps the investment world to prosper because it follows an extremely logical premise: every investor wants security in their financial movements.

And with the new laws on the subject in several countries, the scenario is favorable for institutional investors to inject money.

To better understand…

Institutional investors are those so rich – but so rich – that they can completely change the market situation… with a single contribution.

The current scenario is that powers such as Germany and the United States already draw favorable opinions – and now, Brazil “joined the team” as well.

It changes everything. What was once a digital asset market that looked like a lawless land now features legal mechanisms to protect investors.

And Brazil is relevant in this context because… we are big.

The fact is that we are between the five largest countries in the world when it comes to the number of investors in cryptocurrencies. Look:

headline forbes crypto investors crypto money
Source: Forbes

This makes our demand impossible to ignore by the international market and, now that Brazilian regulation has advanced, this market should heat up a lot – and very quickly.

But how much money can you earn from it? What kind of multiplications can institutional investors unlock?

Let’s understand the biggest example (and the most emblematic): let’s see the blackrocksimply the world’s largest manager, who decided to enter the field…

Source: InfoMoney
Source: Exam

This simple decision by BlackRock to invest just a little of its money in crypto radically changes the landscape.

After all, just 1% of the manager’s capital already means more than US$ 100 billion. It’s an absurd amount of money.

Just to put it in perspective…

While BlackRock has over $10 TRILLION under management, the five richest people in the world today have close to $800 billion.

We talk about the tycoons below:

Source: Forbes 2022 Billionaires List

Despite being ultra-rich, their fortune seems small when compared to the power of companies like BlackRock – the so-called institutional investors.

And the best part is that BlackRock isn’t the only institutional investor looking to dive into this market. This is a trend.

Source: Financial Times
Source: Finbold

Realize how we are living a new phase of the market. And you don’t have to just watch it happen and not even put your own money on the table.

You can receive R$ 120 as a gift to take advantage of the opportunity in the best way. Read the next section carefully to understand how.

You missed your first chance to collect NZ$50, but here’s your chance

The transfer of BRL 120 to your account is being carried out by Grupo Empiricus, which seeks to democratize the opportunity in question.

She did this at the end of 2022 and a lot of people took advantage.

If you missed out on this opportunity because you didn’t know, it’s not your fault – but if you made it this far, then you are now aware.

The only thing you need to do is tap the button below or at any link in this article to start your process of receiving the money (including, you can share this opportunity to any friend or acquaintance).

In the view of crypto experts at Empiricus Research, this is the kind of profit asymmetry that is impossible to ignore: you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose, after all, the 120 reais to invest is not yours: you are winning. You just need, so and only, to be fast.

Source: Moneytimes

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