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Emergency reserve: Investing in Selic Treasury, daily liquidity CDB or Nubank?

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Emergency reserve is the first step for those looking to build wealth with investments. See the best options on the market. (Image: Pixabay/3D Animation Production Company)

The construction of a emergency reserve is pointed out by several financial educators as the first step on the journey of investments.

After all, unforeseen events happen and, at the same time, not all investments have the so-called daily liquidity (ease of turning assets into cash).

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The ideal value of the emergency reserve varies according to the financial stability of each.

a person who is autonomous professional must have a relatively larger reserve (one year of their cost of living) than the one they have signed portfolio (between three and six months of your cost of living).

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You investments of emergency reserves must prioritize the security of the applied amount and liquidity, that is, the possibility of transforming the invested capital into cash again quickly.

Emergency reserve in practice

Building an emergency reserve is usually more arduous for those who are starting from scratch and/or have little money available to invest month by month, since the main characteristic of products aimed at the reserve of value is not profitability, but safety.

However, titles of fixed income that are indexed to CDI (widely indicated to apply the emergency reserve) are currently paying more, as the Selic rate is at a high level of 13.75% per year and with little room for cuts over the coming months.

Selic Treasury

THE Selic Treasury It is one of the products most recommended by specialists for investing an emergency reserve. Minimum contributions range from BRL 125 to BRL 130, and vary daily by account mark to market.

It is the only public title with daily liquidity in Treasury Directthat is, which has interest income compounded every day and that it does not penalize the investor in cases of redemption before maturity.

The Selic Treasury is the safest investment on the market since, in this case, the investor is lending money directly to the Brazilian government. The default risk of a country is much lower than that of banks and companies.

daily liquidity CDBs

Next, the daily liquidity CDBs issued by large banks are excellent alternatives for building an emergency reserve. In some cases, large financial institutions even offer profitability between 102% and 105% of the CDI.

At the very least, investors need to keep their funds invested in products that guarantee remuneration of 100% of the CDI (equivalent to 13.65% per year), a gain offered by the Selic Treasury.

The main advantage of CDBs with daily liquidity over the Selic Treasury concerns the collection of B3 custody fee for emergency reserves whose applied value exceeds R$ 10 thousand.

The public title has the charge, but for those who lend money to banks there is no deduction from B3, regardless of the amount invested. Daily liquidity CDBs usually require a minimum investment of BRL 100.


The immediate reserve fund of the Nubank (NAKED), which is the biggest investment fund Brazil in number of shareholders, is also used by many investors to invest in emergency reserves, as the minimum contribution to the fund is just R$1.

THE No Immediate Booking was launched on the market just over a year ago and during this period, the CDI appreciated by 108%above the market average, due to its exposure of 18% of the portfolio of clients invested in debentures and private credit securities.

Nonetheless, many investors were scared by the momentary negative profitability from the background recently.

In recent days, the Nubank fund lost almost 180,000 shareholders and had a withdrawal of BRL 800 million. The losses have occurred since the scandal of the Americans (AMER3) affected profitability in fixed income.

Although the background of Nubank is classified as low risk, the presence of debentures issued by Americans in the fund’s portfolio provoked the devaluation of the quotas of Nu Reserva Immediata.

The bank manager told the Money Times, in a note, that the fund is in a position of financial solidity, with a relevant percentage in highly liquid assets to absorb impacts such as that of a specific event that affected hundreds of investment funds.

“Nu Reserva Immediata is already showing recovery, with sequential registration of positive value of shares. We reaffirm that this fund follows a path of long-term profitability, supported by an asset diversification strategy”, completes Nu Asset Management.

Source: Moneytimes

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