Ethanol surprised with a weekly drop in the pump, but next time it won’t surprise anymore

Ethanol will end up being more expensive even with an increase in gasoline (Image: REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes)

the fall of ethanol hydrated at the pumps, of 1.8%, captured by the ANP in the week, until it surprised.

In view of the spawning at higher prices by the distributors, since the 20th, and with an increase in the plant also throughout the week – 25th, readjustment of BRL 0.20, as recorded by Money Times -, shows that the stations were still managing inventories purchased at lower prices.

But, confirming that the industries were already defending themselves by seeking more margins, with the announcement of the first increase of the year in Gasoline in refineries, on Thursday (7.47%), accumulated from Monday to yesterday the Cepea researched an increase of 5.08% in sales to distributors.

The liter will open next week at R$ 2.6898.

Now, yes, there will be no way around it and this appreciation will arrive, imposing the loss of advantage that biofuel could have to the extent that the higher price of its competitor would divert consumers.

Source: Moneytimes

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