AMER3 shortfall is 200x greater than monthly allowance, 3x greater than oil impact on Petrobras

the hole of Americans is nearly 200 times larger than the monthly monthly allowance, and about three times larger than the petrolão (Image: Bloomberg)

Since the Americans (AMER3) announced accounting inconsistencies in the amount of R$ 20 billion, on the last January 11th, the company’s gap only grows. In the request for judicial recovery, made about a week later, the company announced that it has a debt of just over R$ 41 billion with almost 8 thousand different creditors.

The biggest debt Americans with a bank is with the Deutsche Bank, owing R$ 5.2 billion. In addition, the retailer’s accounting situation impacted other markets.

The biggest chocolate makers in Brazil are among the leaders of creditors in the food sector of Americans. THE Nestléfor example, has R$ 259 million to receive, while Mondelez appears with two accounts, one for R$ 93.085 million and R$ 4.776 million.

hole size

But the dimension of the debt value and the accounting inconsistencies of the Americans may become clearer when compared to other situations, in absolute numbers.

The monthly allowance, a scheme to divert money to buy political support during the first Lula government, moved at least R$ 101.6 million in values ​​at the time, according to the Federal Police, the Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Court of Auditors. .

It was the biggest political scandal in the country. Even without adjusting the value for the present day, the monthly allowance is about 200 times smaller than the gap that the Americans announced the market.

Already the petrolão, investigated in the Operation Lava Jatoeven diverted BRL 42.8 billion, as determined by the Federal Police in 2015. The scheme involved embezzlement of money through the Petrobras (PETR4) for political purposes.

The state-owned company itself recorded, at the time, a deficit of R$ 6.2 billion in its balance sheets. Even so, the value determined by the Petrobras is 3.2 times smaller than that of Americans.

On the other hand, considering the value calculated by the PF at the time, the petrolão is 2.14 times higher in relation to the retailer’s deficit.

One Man’s Fortune

Despite the dimensions of the hole seem large when compared to the famous corruption cases in Brazil, Americanas’ accounting problem is smaller even than the fortune of the richest man in the country.

Jorge Paulo Lemann, shareholder for more than 40 years Americanslost around BRL 2 billion with the collapse of 75% of the retailer the day after the news.

Accounting for the fall of the day, Lemann’s fortune is now valued at US$ 15.9 billion (around R$ 80 billion). That is, his fortune is still four times the size of the hole, and twice the size of the debt.

During this period, the billionaire was considered the 105thth richest person in the world.


Source: Moneytimes

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