Stanley: What’s the secret behind Thermos Cups?

According to the manufacturer, the Stanley cup is able to keep the beer cold for up to 4 hours (Image: Disclosure)

The thermal cup was one of the products that received the most attention in the last year and a half, becoming the subject of many discussions about its usability, whether it really works and which one to buy.

Considering the different brands present in this segment, and the high cost of many of these products.

What are thermal cups made of?

There are a wide variety of cups out there, such as the glass stainless steel thermos, the cheap thermos cup, the children’s thermos cup and even the thermal mugs.

In general, a vacuum is used to prevent the heat from beverage spread to the environment.

For this, a fragile glass container is used, with two walls, an internal and an external one and, between them, the vacuum.

To protect this delicate environment, plastic or metal are often used.

As the general function of a thermos bottle or cup is to prevent any kind of heat exchange, it is built to prevent this.

Heat transfer through conduction and convection is generally avoided because of the vacuum between the glass walls.

Well, because of that, it’s important for you to be careful when handling your small or large thermal cup.

Thermal cup
Find and choose the thermo cup with the best price, instead of looking for the most modern one (Image: Pixabay)

Dropping it could end up causing serious damage to the insulating part of the product, which will cause it to stop performing its function in a practical and ideal way.

There is no specific product that makes the best thermal cup, however, you can search a little, find and choose the thermos cup with the best price, instead of looking for the one that is more modern, and that in the end does the same thing as any other thermal cup.

What is the secret of the Stanley Cup?

More than a hundred years ago, the Stanleythe most famous brand among thermal cups, produces the utensil, which was most used to keep warm drinks based on yerba mate.

no longer Brazilin recent years the Stanleygained strength with beer consumers, after all apparently the glass Stanleykeeps drinks cold for longer.

According to the manufacturer, the cup Stanley It is able to keep beer cold for up to 4 hours.

The technique behind the glass is neither new nor mysterious.

The method was created in 1913 by the physician and inventor William Stanley Jr. and it is a very simple process.

The glass has a double wall and the vacuum insulation between them is what prevents temperature exchange with the external environment.

In addition, the metal reflects the radiation that would also heat the beverage and the lid is the “icing on the cake” in maintaining the temperature of the contents.

What divides the public a lot, because the question that is always asked is:

– Who leaves beer for 4 hours in the glass without drinking it?

What is the fame behind the Cup?

The reason is quite simple, the Stanley Cup it has become a luxury item and always appears on social networks of major digital influencers, causing popular interest to become heightened.

With that, the item became an object of desire for most people, after all, who wouldn’t like a glass, in which you pour the drink and it stays, preserved for longer.

Other varieties of Thermos Cups

We separate here the best thermo cups, from famous brands like Stanley, Coleman, Camelbak, Kouda, Arell, Thermos to facilitate your choice and which can be purchased online.

  • Contigo Snapseal Byron Thermal Cup 520 ml
  • Thermos cup without lid Stanley 473 ml
  • Thermos cup with lid Stanley 473 ml
  • Stanley Thermal Cup 709 ml
  • Thermal Cup Built 887 ml
  • Horizon Camelbak Thermal Cup 300 ml
  • Coleman Thermal Cup 590 ml
  • UnyHome Thermal Cup 400 ml

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