BBDC4 and ITUB4 Dividends and the Impact of the AMER3 Debt; see highlights

The payment schedule dividends this week and the impact of the gap in Americanas (AMER3) (Image: Pixabay/Olichel)

The payment schedule dividends this week and the impact of the breach in Americans (AMER3) in society are among the corporate highlights this Monday (30).

Between January 30th and February 3rd, six companies pay interest on equity (JCP) and dividends to its shareholders. Together, companies will distribute around R$ 130 million in proceeds.

Among the companies that pay earnings throughout the week are: Itau (ITUB4), Bradesco (BBDC3; BBDC4) and Schulz (SHUL4).

Americanas (AMER3)

THE Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) instituted two administrative investigations related to the case of Americans.

The first investigates the possible use of privileged information, while the other will investigate possible irregularities involving the discovery of “accounting inconsistencies” in the amount of R$ 20 billion.

Meanwhile, the retailer’s situation is being closely monitored by some deputies, mainly in the sense of guaranteeing the rights of more than 40 thousand workers in the company.

Luiz Carlos Motta (PL-SP), deputy and president of the National Confederation of Commerce Workers, has already participated in a meeting with union leaders and company representatives and foresees an intense negotiation in the coming days.

Also, according to Cerc (Central e Recebíveis), Americanas’ multibillion-dollar shortfall shows that the control mechanisms of regulators such as central bank and Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) are lagged.

For Fernando Fontes, president of the institution, for at least six years, issues involving advances by banks to retailers of resources to pay suppliers, the so-called “withdrawal risk”, have been a current issue in the market.

The new Petrobras (PETR4)

THE Petrobras (PETR4) should lose its position as the largest payer of dividends of the stock exchange, provides for the Genial Investimentos.

According to the broker’s calculations, the BrazilAgro (AGRO3) will occupy this position.

Genial recalls that the war in Ukraine awarded investors positioned in the sectors of Petroleum, gas and biofuels, steel industry, metallurgy and mining.

Despite predicting a challenging year for the market in 2023, brokerage analysts claim that the scenario favors payers of dividends.

Meanwhile, sectors that benefit from fees higher levels or exporting companies can be an escape valve.

Multiplan (MULT3)

THE Multiplan (MULT3) traces the paths to be followed in 2023 after closing last year with historic marks.

In an interview with Money TimesMultiplan’s vice president of finance and investor relations, Armando D’Almeida, points out that the company overcame the effects of the pandemic in October 2021.

“The recovery for us came very quickly. In 2022, we recovered everything, in all sectors, ”he said. See what to expect from the mall manager this year.

*With Flávya Pereira, Giovana Leal and Renan Dantas, with information from the Estado agency


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