It’s official, Sorare signs major deal with Premier League Football

Sorare does not stop. After successfully launching its cooperation with the NBA, the French giant of the crypto world signs a key agreement with the Premier League. Announced by rumors to around 35 million euros per yearit was as expected as it was important for the startup.

Sorare All-in with the Premier League

Having raised $680 million, Sorare holds the most followed football league in the world. A number never deceives to measure the popularity of a championship: TV rights. Last season, those of the Premier League amounted to 3.5 billion euros. On the second step of the podium, we find La Liga (already a partner of Sorare) with a little over 2 billion, with Ligue 1 occupying 5th place in the ranking with its 687 million. With this agreement, Sorare therefore holds the most followed league in the world.

This partnership is important for Sorare who will see the arrival of clubs hitherto absent in its competitions. If Liverpool is a historic club on the platform (thanks to a direct partnership), behemoths like Chelsea, Manchester City or Arsenal join the game. The cards of stars version 2023 like Erling Haaland or Kevin de Bruyne will appear, and change the game for managers around the world. To understand everything about Sorare, discover our complete test.

An unexpected turnaround

The Premier League had conducted negotiations in March 2022 to select partners for the commercialization of NFT. Preferred to Sorare, the big winners were ConsenSys on exploiting NFTs, and DapperLabs (the founder of NBA Top Shot) on exploiting NFTs in video form. Since then, the NFT market has continued to decline and ConsenSys has tried to renegotiate its agreement downwards, according to Sky News. And Sorare was able to come back and win the bet.

The British public is known for their love of football and their propensity to invest in their favorite teams. For Sorare, it is an invaluable contribution of potential players, in addition to the international influence of the English championship. By combining the arrival of the NBA and that of the Premier League, the influx of players will have to be massive to meet the expectations of the unicorn, but also of current players and investors in the project.

In a business model designed around auctions for the issuance of new cards, the growth of active users must be constant, so that prices remain stable. And for that, nothing better than being able to launch new NFTs of football superstars.

Source: Presse-Citron

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