XP elects JP Morgan (JPMC34) and Minerva (BEEF3) for the weekly portfolio; see where to invest to get 15%

XP elects JP Morgan and Minerva to weekly stock portfolio (Image: Diana Cheng/Money Times)

THE XP Investimentos made two exchanges in his wallet actions recommended for the week beginning February. The broker took the positions in Itau (ITUB4) and copel (CPLE6) to include JP Morgan (JPMC34) and Minerva (BEEF3).

According to analysts, JP Morgan is in an upward channel and has surpassed, with an increase in volume, its 21-day average projected from R$77 to R$80. The share has support at R$68.92 and R$65, 68.

Minerva, on the other hand, enters the portfolio after completing the correction in the 21-day average, leaving a lower wick with a significant increase in volume. Analysts claim that the test of the Fibonacci retraction region favors a bullish recovery with projections at R$ 15.60 or R$ 17.70. Support is R$ 14.

In addition to the new members, Security Box (CXSE3), Coke (COCA34) and Minerva (BEEF3) make up the portfolio.

In the last week, the brokerage portfolio registered a drop of 0.03%, while the Ibovespa (IBOV) advanced 0.25%.

In the period, the portfolio’s positive highlight was Grupo Mateus and Caixa Seguridade, with valuations of 3.44% and 2.85%, respectively. On the negative side, Itaú had the worst performance, with a drop of 4.48%.

In the last 12 weeks, the portfolio recorded a drop of 6.72%, compared to a 4.96% decline in the reference index.

See the recommended actions for the week:

Company ticker Target High potential* Weight
Security Box CXSE3 BRL 9.18 5.88% 20%
Coke COCA34 BRL 57.86 12.50% 20%
Mateus Group GMAT3 BRL 8.00 15.61% 20%
JP Morgan JPMC34 BRL 77.00 7.56% 20%
Minerva BEEF3 BRL 15.60 7.66% 20%

*Based on the closing date of 1/27/2023

Source: Moneytimes

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