Bitcoin (BTC) falling; cryptocurrency retreats almost 4% on the day; “Tension moment”, says analyst

According to Lago, the cryptocurrency is at a stress point (Image: Unsplash/Kanchanara)

THE Bitcoin (BTC) goes through falls this Monday (30). THE cryptocurrency it retreats more than 4% and misses the milestone of US$ 23 thousand. THE Ether (ETH) it also drops about 5% and misses the $1,600 plateau.

the value of market as a whole, it retreats 4.72% and does not miss the US$ 1 trillion mark. For Tasso Lago, founder of Financial Move and manager of private funds in cryptoassets, the resources are due to a moment of tension.

According to Lago, the cryptocurrency is at a stress point. “Bitcoin has already gone up almost $8,000 in a straight line, which was a huge appreciation for the asset, and when it reaches the current price of $25,000, it faces strong resistance,” he explains.

He says that there is not much to be done, except for possible contributions in case there are bigger falls. He says that for the investor it is even interesting that this fall happens, in addition to being quite possible.

“Nothing goes up in a straight line. If there is a drop, the investor can take the opportunity to buy more, thus having greater profits when the market returns”, he says.

Tasso says that while Bitcoin does not break $ 25,000, the region is in contention, and in the event of a fall in the largest cryptocurrency on the market, altcoins also tend to fall, and many times stronger than Bitcoin itself.

Source: Moneytimes

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