Rio Crypto Hub and Smart Summit 2023; check the schedule of events in RJ

Check out a bit of the agenda for both events and what to expect from each one (Image: Pixabay/maykeloenning)

THE Rio Crypto Hubfounded by Douglas Miranda, is holding its first edition of 2023 and tenth edition overall at Complexo Criativo Flux, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeirothis Tuesday, January 31st.

The event will feature panels and, for the first time, a Solidity workshop, in partnership with Aurora Labs, Transfero Group and Lens Protocol.

already the Smart Summit 2023 takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of February at Expo Mag, also at Rio de Janeiro, and will have the crypto sector as one of its main themes. The fair is held by InvestSmart XP.

Check out a little of the agenda of both events and what to expect from each one.

Rio Crypto Hub

THE Rio Crypto Hub aims to share information, decentralization, innovation and technology with its participants. The Solidity workshop will be a unique opportunity for those interested in learning about blockchain smart contract programming.

Rio Crypto Hub is a Rio de Janeiro community of enthusiasts focused on teaching about this new technology

The group meets monthly to discuss the future of blockchain technology and its applications in society.

The monthly event organized to foster the Brazilian web3 community already covers 3 states and comes with impactful participants in the 10th edition in its home state, Rio de Janeiro.

Cristiane Diniz, collaborative manager at The Unstable Lab DAO, comments: “After quenching the public’s thirst for knowledge, The Unstable Lab will offer a happy hour for the crowd to have a beer and do that respectable networking”

DAO is responsible for creating and accelerating the Crypto Hub

“We will give a workshop presenting this EVM solution from Near Protocol, called Aurora. It’s simple logic, it’s much more of a concept than anything else. Solidity is super fun to program, it doesn’t have much mystery. I am incredibly happy to give this workshop that unites one of my favorite networking projects blockchain with one of my favorite events”, he concludes.

As announced, the first 20 who arrive at the event and redeem the POAP will receive a Lens Protocol handle, in order to be part of the decentralized social network built on AAVE and Polygon.

Smart Summit 2023

A little later, on February 2nd (Thursday), it will take place at 6 pm in Smart Summit 2023 the panel ‘What to expect in crypto for 2023′, in the Plenary, the main stage of the event.

The table will have the participation of Alexandre Ludolf, CIO of QR Asset, and Luísa Pires, Head of Cryptoactives and Technology at Levante, with mediation by Rodrigo Tolotti – InfoMoney, to discuss the next steps of the crypto market.

On the second day of the fair, still in the Plenary, Ludolf will give, at 11:10 am, the lecture ‘Why invest in crypto’, exclusively for investment advisors.

The room web3 Experience will focus on the blockchain industry, with conversations ranging from NFTs and metaverse to investments in cryptoassets.

The objective is to bring together professionals and personalities from the sector to discuss market developments and spread the crypto ecosystem in Rio de Janeiro.

On the first day of the event, at 2 pm, the CEO of QR Capital, Fernando Carvalho, will give the lecture ‘Tokenization: Beginning of Crypto Management’.

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