5 highest return real estate funds with dividends in January

Despite the drop in the real estate fund index, five FIIs showed good dividend returns in January (Image: Pixabay)

January comes to an end and it’s time to take stock of which real estate funds were the most profitable in the first month of 2023, marked by a drop in the sector’s main index.

The real estate fund index (ifix) gives B3 ended January with a devaluation of 1.60%. However, there are FIIs that had a good performance and return with dividends (dividend yield) above 1.4%.

A survey carried out by Einar Rivero, commercial head of the independent financial market hub TradeMappoints out that the fund that exhibited the greatest dividend yield in january was the Autonomy Corporate Buildings (AEIC11), in the segment of corporate slabs, with gains of 1.94%.

Next comes the hybrid CSHG Urban Income (HGRU11), with appreciation of 1.66%.

The 5 real estate funds with the highest dividend yield in January

Background ticker Segment Return in January
Autonomy Corporate Buildings AIEC11 Corporate slabs 1.94%
CSHG Urban Income HGRU11 Hybrid 1.66%
Riza Akin RZAK11 papers 1.45%
Payroll Receivables CACR11 Hybrid 1.44%
Atrio Reit Receivables ARRI11 papers 1.42%

Source: Moneytimes

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