Didn’t receive the residual batch from the IR? Learn how to be entitled to a deposit of R$ 120

The payment is the result of an initiative by a private company, and any Brazilian of legal age can receive it (Image: Shutterstock)

If you are not included in the list to receive the residual lot of income tax refundI have good news.

Thanks to an initiative by a private company in the financial market, several Brazilians have already had access to an extraordinary benefit: a deposit of R$ 120 into an account in the beneficiary’s name.

Unlike government aid, this private initiative project does not require proof of income – in fact, any Brazilian over the age of 18 can receivefollowing a few steps.

And unlike the IR refund, you don’t even have to pay income tax in 2022 to receive this extraordinary benefit.

This is because, although the benefit is also a kind of “cashback”, its payment is made on the initiative of a private company, regardless of Federal Revenue rules.

The company behind the payment is the Empiricus Group, formed by Empiricus Research, which is dedicated to analysis, and Empiricus Investimentos, the broker.

The objective of the initiative is to encourage as many people as possible to invest in a recent market, but one that is expanding – that of cryptoactive.

And of course, investing in crypto assets has its risks, as does every type of investment.

It was with this in mind that Empiricus Investimentos decided to make R$120 available to any Brazilian of legal age who feels like investing in crypto, but is afraid of ending up “in the loss”.

Using the value that is being offered “as a gift”, it is possible to “wet your feet” in this market without having to take a single penny out of your own pocket.

And of course, from the moment you follow the steps and request your payment, the R$ 120 is yours. This means you can withdraw the money.

But, if you choose to follow Empiricus Investimentos’ plan and use the amount to invest in cryptocurrencies, it may end up multiplying your initial investment – in some cases, the earnings can be up to 10 times bigger.

That’s right, we’re talking about a possibility capable of transform R$ 120 into R$ 1,200.

And since the BRL 120 will come out of Empiricus Investimentos’ pocket… it’s as if you could pocket up to BRL 1,200 without spending a penny.

“It’s to buy now”: Understand why this is the right time to invest BRL 120 and have the chance to take BRL 1,200

Who followed the news about the Bitcoin and the crypto market, you know that 2022 was a difficult year. various currencies plummetedand some even lost all their value.

Even those that didn’t fall that much suffered significant losses, and Bitcoin reached its historic low…

But now, even after many people have doubted, Cryptocurrencies have risen again.

Of course, the crypto market has its ups and downs, like everyone else, but experts are already talking about a recovery – and the numbers are eye-popping for those who are positioned in the right assets.

For you to have an idea, in the first 7 days of the year, all currencies indicated by Empiricus Research delivered positive returns – we are talking about valuations ranging from +3.19% to +28.77%.

I repeat: All this in just one week.

And even though past returns do not guarantee future results, the team of analysts at Empiricus Research believes that valuations like these are just the beginning.

That is, some coins must shoot In the next months. Bitcoin itself can appreciate up to 10 times.

And that’s because we’re talking about a consolidated currency. If you invest in smaller projects, the margin for appreciation is even greater – some can appreciate well more than Bitcoin.

In short, this is the right time to buy cryptocurrenciesas the market has started to recover, but coins are still relatively cheap – and that shouldn’t last for long.

But calm down: you don’t need to buy any cryptocurrency that appears in front of you, or invest everything in Bitcoin. This is not how you seek to make money in this market.

The secret of every good investor is to build a portfolio diverse – and to make this possible, Empiricus is offering a free list of cryptocurrencies “to keep an eye on”.

This means that this initiative leaves you “with a knife and cheese in your hand”: by participating, you get BRL 120 to invest and you still have access to the list of cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential to deliver profit, to know where to invest to multiply the R$ 120 you will receive as a gift.

It’s possible invest little and profit a lot – and this is no guess or guess. This type of valuation has already happened before, and those who followed Empiricus’ recommendations got to multiply the initial investment by 182 times in 2021.

That is, if you had invested BRL 120 at that time, you would have seen that money turn into BRL 21,960.

who invested just over $5k… had the chance to become a millionairethanks to a single cryptocurrency recommended by the team at Empiricus Research.

And analysts at Empiricus believe that history could repeat itself.

Haven’t received your IR refund? Empiricus is giving R$120 as a gift; know how to receive

If you want to have a chance to profit in the crypto market without having to spend a single penny from your pocket, visit the link.

You can subscribe to the list of interested parties in a few clicks to receive all the information on how to receive your deposit and unlock access to the list of cryptocurrencies that can “explode” and value thousands of times.

Remembering that to have a chance to make a real profit, you need to invest while the coins are cheap… If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time and sign up as soon as possible.

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