How Americanas (AMER3) pushed Luiza Trajano back to the Forbes list of billionaires

The market understood that the Trajan will benefit the most from the collapse of the company (Image: Reproduction Twitter/NYSE)

the owner of Magazine Luiza (MGLU3), Luiza Trajano, returned to the Forbes billionaire list after 7 months. According to the publication’s real-time survey, the businesswoman has U$$ 1.1 billion and occupies position number 2235 on the list in the world ranking.

around Trajan occurs in the midst of a surge in the actions of the Magazine Luiza. The share rose 60% in January and led the Ibovespa gains, much as a result of the drop in the Americans (AMER3), which reported a BRL 20 billion accounting shortfall on the 12th, triggering a series of inconsistencies that led to the request for judicial recovery about a week later.

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The market understood that the Trajan will benefit the most from the collapse of the company.

“Usually you have sectorial compositions of some funds. Such as Americans had the Sergio Rial, a lot of people bought it, expecting a management shock. With the frustration, there was an escape”, says Gustavo Cruz, chief strategist at RB Investimentos.

Leandro Petrokas, research director at Quantzed, says that the company can win the market share (market share) of Lojas Americanas, “since they are direct competitors, mainly in e-commerce”.

In a report, the Citi expects the gross revenue from online sales (GMV) of the Magazine Luiza grow 18%, considering the absence of Americans in the market.

Due to the strong recovery of the asset, the XP Investimentos came to update the thesis of the Magazine Luiza with a new target price of BRL 5, against BRL 4.50 previously. The classification, however, was maintained as “neutral”.

Why did Luiza Trajano leave the list?

Trajan’s departure occurred at a time of rising inflation and interest rates, which reduced the purchasing power of Brazilian consumers, directly affecting retail and e-commerce companies. Magazine Luiza shares reached R$2.20 in June last year.

In December 2021, fortune will be chairman of the board of Magazine Luiza it had already shrunk to US$ 1.4 billion (R$ 7.1 billion), a devaluation of 75%, or US$ 4.2 billion (R$ 21.5 billion), in six months. In the period, the Selic rate went from 4.25% to 9.25% per annum.

Source: Moneytimes

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