Bitcoin could reach $87,000 in 2023 and lead these other cryptocurrencies to repeat highs like the one that reached 161,000% in the last cycle

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O Bitcoin managed to beat stocks, fixed income, real estate and gold to take the title of best investment in January after a year of strong correction.

Only in the month of January, she managed to put a Appreciation of almost 40% in the pockets of its investors, leaving all other traditional investments behind.

The high may get even bigger from now on: according to market projections, the Bitcoin could reach the $87,000 level in 2023. The high, however, is ‘fingerprint’ compared to what can happen with other smaller cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin’s recent rise is exciting, it is not primarily responsible for cryptocurrency investor sentiment. But rather a collateral phenomenon that happens along with Bitcoin’s rallies.

Analysts at Empiricus Research, the main reference in cryptocurrency analysis in Brazil, recently released a report entitled ‘Millionaire Plan with Crypto – how and in what to invest to shorten your path towards a million’ explaining this logic:

Source: Empiricus Research

In the report, analysts celebrate Bitcoin’s rise and claim that it may just be the beginning.

But they make a kind of alert for their readers who want to become millionaires, or even conquer a relevant asset, investing little money in cryptocurrencies.

They claim that the fastest way to get there is not just investing in Bitcoin, but going further and investing in other smaller projects, which cost pennies in some cases, but which can be worth thousands of reais and follow a similar trajectory to what Bitcoin followed in the near future.

In the report, readers have access to a portfolio built from scratch that has 16 assets that, in their assessment, have the potential to make any Brazilian millionaire investing little money.

And this isn’t the first time experts at the analysis house have done something like this. In 2021, they also built a portfolio with the same objective and the result was more than satisfactory.

After all, at the time they recommended the AXS crypto asset, which cost 50 cents on the dollar, but appreciated 31,900% in just 10 months, turning each BRL 4,000 invested into more than 1 million.

Many people were left out of this indication and, therefore, they decided to repeat the dose and create a new wallet that in their opinion can go even further than what was in the past:

The portfolio was created on December 28, 2022 to take advantage of the bullish cycle that, in the market’s view, would start in 2023.

After all, the cryptocurrency market has bullish cycles that historically last 3 years, and then are interrupted by a correction.

Bitcoin’s first major bull cycle began in 2011 and ended in 2014. In that period, Bitcoin experienced an appreciation of 1,317% in the first year, 218% in the second year and 5,428% in the third year.

In other words, who invested $1000 in Bitcoin in this cycle of high conquered BRL 2,130,000 at the end of it.

In 2014 Bitcoin underwent a 58% correction and in 2015 it hit a new high that would last until 2018.

The highs of this period in Bitcoin, naturally, were less intense, after all, the main cryptocurrency on the planet had already grown a lot and become relatively large.

It was 36% in 2015, 120% in 2016 and 1,375% in 2017. Those who invested in Bitcoin in this bullish cycle left at the end of it with 43 times more money in their pockets.

Then, a vertiginous drop happened in 2018, but a new high cycle occurred between 2019 and 2021.

The highs were 95%, 305% and 83%. Now, let’s compare Bitcoin’s highs with those of the market’s so-called ‘altcoins’ – which are nothing more than all cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Now, see in the table below what just happened in the 2019 bull cycle with cryptocurrencies smaller than Bitcoin:

While Bitcoin rose 4,000%, the leader of the ranking appreciated 1,043,773%. That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong, those who invested in crypto at the time can multiply their money by 10 thousand times and transform each:

  • 10 Reais invested in BRL 100,000
  • 50 reais in BRL 500,000
  • 100 rhey in 1 million;
  • 500 reais in 5 million.

Those who invested 100 reais in BTC obtained a return of ‘only’ 4 thousand reais. Can you see the difference in returns? What do you prefer: 4 thousand or 1 million?

If we leave Verge aside, as it was a much above average return, and we take the second or even third in the ranking, the difference remains colossal.

  • The runner-up appreciated 161,000%
  • The third 97.771%
  • The last 20.175%

It is clear that these returns are exceptional, captured in bull cycles, mainly by those who manage to surf it in its entirety.

And that’s precisely why the cryptocurrency team is excited. We’ve just started a bull cycle and ALL cryptocurrencies selected to seek a million are already going way up.

Cheaper and 20 times more profitable than Bitcoin

See a picture of the returns of cryptocurrencies selected by the experts of the analysis house:

Source: Coinmarketcap / Period: 01/01/2023 to 01/18/2023

While Bitcoin is up 40%, the analyst’s cryptocurrencies are up 202%, 140%, 101% and so on.

And the portfolio was designed to be that way, as analysts hand-selected the portfolio’s cryptocurrencies so that they would show average returns 20 times greater than BTC.

This was proven in a backtest done by the team. The ‘million’ portfolio has a return 20 times higher than that of Bitcoin in bull cycles.

That is, if Bitcoin goes up 100% (double) the tendency is for this wallet to go up 20 times. If he multiplies it by 10, the tendency is for this portfolio to go up 200 times.

And that’s just the average. It is likely that within the complete portfolio there will be cryptocurrencies that emerge from this average, such as AXS, which rose 39,900% and multiplied by 390, so there will be devaluation for some.

But that doesn’t matter: the important thing is to have at least 1 project that manages to pay the bill for all possible losses.

In the case of AXS, for example, if you had invested BRL 1,000 in the 14 cryptocurrencies and all of them, except AXS, had gone to zero, you would still earn a lot of money.

Since those BRL 1,000 would become BRL 390 thousand. Taking out the lost BRL 13 thousand, you would still have a profit of BRL 373 thousand.

Remembering that this is the worst case scenario – and it did not materialize. Other cryptocurrencies, besides AXS, also exploded, evidently on a smaller scale, but still multiplied investors’ money by 10, 20 and even 30 times.

Now, the same has started to happen with the analyst’s new portfolio, but this is just the beginning of the bull cycle. In the evaluation of analysts, the movement is still shy.

After all, what you see when the bull cycle intensifies are cryptocurrencies rising up to 6,000% in just one semester:

Yes, these are extraordinary cases that are unlikely to be repeated. But they did happen, especially for those who were positioned in the right assets before the move started (or just started).

See what happened to those who invested in the cryptocurrencies indicated in Vinicius Bazan’s report. One of them has already tripled the money while others have already doubled and put good money in the pockets of those who invested in them.

They can generate you BRL 1 million in 2023

And if you weren’t one of those who tripled their money in 30 days, but you want the chance to, who knows, end the year with 1 million in your account, it’s easy: just click here and learn everything about the new analyst portfolio.

As I said, there are 16 assets handpicked to earn 20 times more return on average than Bitcoin.

The ultimate goal will be to become a millionaire with little money by the end of this cycle, just like in 2021 with the specialists’ portfolio. To see the portfolio just click here.

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