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3G in action: Lemann, Telles and Sicupira come to Brazil to negotiate the Americanas case (AMER3)

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“Now, what happened to Eike Batista will happen”, said President Lula about the future of Jorge Paulo Lemann. (Image: Facebook/Jorge Paulo Lemann)

the entrepreneurs Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles It is Beto Sicupira decided to personally negotiate a solution to the case Americans (AMER3).

The company entered judicial recovery with a debt of R$ 43 billion after the discovery of a financial hole of R$ 20 billion.

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According to CNN, Telles and Sicupira are already in Brazil, while Lemann should arrive this weekend. The three billionaires are partners in 3G Capital and major shareholders of Americans.

Their personal involvement in negotiations with creditors is seen as positive, even suggesting that they can inject their own resources in an attempt to save the company.

accusation of fraud

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On Wednesday (1), the minority shareholders of Americans filed a request to investigate an alleged crime of using privileged information to obtain profits and advantages in the financial market.

The accusation is based on the information that executives and majority shareholders of the retailer sold more than R$ 200 million in shares moments before the announcement about the accounting deficit of R$ 20 billion.

The more than 146 thousand minority shareholders of Americans claim that they were misled by the earnings releases released in previous quarters, and, consequently, victims of the likely scam.

Squid over Americanas

“Now, what happened to the Eike Batista,” said the president Lula about the future of Jorge Paulo Lemann.

Also businessman, Eike Batista made a fortune with oil, logistics and power generation companies, but ended up suffering a collapse, after disappointing expectations of investors. Eike was considered the seventh richest man in the world by Forbes magazine, with an estimated fortune of US$ 30 billion in 2012.

In an interview with Rede TV, Lula was asked about the retailer’s recent case. The president claimed that “people sell an idea that they are not really,” he said, referring to the billionaire.

Source: Moneytimes

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