Technology: Technology sector should grow in Brazil in 2023, predicts IDC

Technology devices will remain relevant to the total IT segment, according to the consultancy (Image: Unsplash/jonah_jpg)

A company market research for the technology IDC Brazil released on Thursday prospects for growth in the sale of simpler smartphones and the return of consumers to physical stores.

The company’s expectation is that sales of smartphones will grow 6% this year, with consumer preference for simpler models while computers will have a drop in sales of 8.4%.

In separate excerpts, the expectation is that the technology of information (IT) advance 6.2% this year against a scenario of adjustment and redirection of expenses, but favored by the consumption of technology by companies, which should grow 8.7%.

As for the telecommunications area, IDC estimates a growth of 3%, driven by the “growing importance of connectivity”, especially by the advance of the cloud and the 5G.

Even with modest revenue growth, technology will remain relevant for the total IT segment, according to the consultancy.

The expectation is that the information technology (IT) sector will advance 6.2% this year in the face of a scenario of adjustment and redirection of expenses (Image: Pixabay/ StockSnap)

Smartphones should add up to US$ 13 billion and computers, US$ 5.8 billion.

In the case of wearable devices, such as watches and headphones, the figure should reach US$ 882 million.

For printers, the projection is US$ 542 million and for tablets, US$ 464 million.

IDC did not report volumes.


Other devices such as “wearables” and printers will also see growth, of 10.2% and 2.5%, respectively, while tablets will see a 15% drop in sales.

“Despite the large portfolio and the benefits offered to users, online retail is likely to lose some more space to physical stores in 2023, although it continues to have great potential for growth in the short term,” said Reinaldo Sakis, research director at IDC Latin America.

The main reason for the change in behavior pointed out by the projection is that physical stores have gained more space again, due to the greater negotiation flexibility at the time of sale, associated with a volume of Brazilians who returned to face-to-face shopping after the height of the pandemic .

Source: Moneytimes

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