Empiricus Research campaign projects gains of up to BRL 1 million from 2023 with contributions of BRL 250 in cryptocurrencies; it’s trustable?

Financial analysis house is releasing a list of cryptocurrencies that should ‘explode’ and deliver gains in the millions; see if this is possible (Image: Pexels)

Empiricus Research’s latest bet is quite bold: a list of cryptocurrencies with the potential to deliver BRL 1 million starting in 2023 even investing little money. In one of the projections, it would be possible to reach this value with contributions of BRL 250.

To access the list, you must enter the page of the free event that will be promoted by analyst Vinícius Bazan, head of house cryptocurrencies. (click here to access).

Valuations of this type are tempting, but they also put investors on high alert: After all, is it possible to make such big profits?

As unbelievable as it sounds, the historical performances of cryptocurrencies and even more conservative assets have shown that a multiplication of that order is indeed possible.

The plan prepared by Vinícius Bazan is based on three points:

  1. The selection of a list of microcoins, that is, cryptocurrencies still on the rise, little known and with high upside potential;
  2. A low investment in each one of them (here the idea is to put money that won’t be missed in your budget);
  3. The possibility of reaching BRL 1 millionstarting as early as 2023.

The thesis is supported by the argument that these cryptocurrencies, still in an initial phase of development and investor knowledge, can bring valuations well above average, allowing even low values ​​to bring millionaire profits.

This is only possible with under-the-radar assets like small cryptocurrencies. These are higher risk investments, but also higher potential returns.

Empiricus Research’s proposal is that you put a small part of your equity in these investments to have the chance to profit a lot. But beware: digital assets are not the best place to leave your rent money or emergency savings.

The logic here is that more consolidated investments, such as shares of large companies or even larger cryptocurrencies, can bring profits to a portfolio in general, but are unlikely to have a transforming effect on your financial life.

O Bitcoin, for example, in its early years, it was very cheap, but today it has a total market value estimated at trillions of reais. Therefore, to earn 100% with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency needs to gain another trillion in market value.

The same goes for stocks on the stock exchange. When we take a strong and already consolidated company, like Voucher (VALUE3)it is difficult to think of an explosion in value, as the company is already very large.

In the case of microcaps (listed companies of smaller size), however, there is the possibility of an exponential gain, since amounts that would be small for the blue chips already represent an explosion of the total value of the microcaps.

According to Vinicius Bazan, there is a real possibility of becoming a millionaire with little investment and in a short period of time with microcoins.

But BRL 1 million is a lot of money, right? Is a number like that really doable, or is this the type of event that rarely happens again?

This has already happened: see the investments that have generated millions from little money

Now, super multiplications are not only feasible, they are historically proven – and not only in the crypto market.

All of them, however, have the uncertainty factor in common: they were assets off the radar of big investors, which exploded in an unimaginable way. To reap profits at this level, however, it is necessary to enter the business before the wave of appreciation.

Below are some examples of exponential gains in the financial market:

Brazil – Magazine Luiza (MGLU3)

In December 2015, MGLU3 was traded at a measly R$0.03. After restructuring and consolidation as a digital retail giant, the company’s shares peaked at R$27.34 in November 2020.

This represents a appreciation of more than 91,000% in less than five yearsthat is, the investor’s money multiplied more than 900 times in the period – an exponential increase.

Historical appreciation of Magazine Luiza shares (MGLU3). Source: Google Invest

And as much as the stock dropped after a while, that doesn’t change the fact that whoever bought and sold the retailer at the right time had a chance to transform R$ 1 thousand into R$ 911 thousand.

United States – Amazon

Another example of overvaluation corresponds to the American technological giants. Listed in the 1990s, these companies saw their market value explode with the global transformation promoted by the internet.

A amazon symbolizes this movement very well. Back in 1997, when nobody knew the potential of the internet, the company’s shares traded at US$1.73.

Today, not considering inflation, the paper is worth US$ 3,200, a multiplication of almost 2,000 times. Whoever had put, hypothetically, US$ 2,500 in AMZN, would have almost US$ 5 million today.

Historical appreciation of Amazon stock (AMZN) on Nasdaq. Source: Google Invest


Bitcoin, despite no longer being an opportunity for new exponential gains, is an excellent parameter to get a sense of the “galactic” potential of cryptocurrencies.

According to the Investing portal, the digital currency was sold, in March 2012, below US$5. Today, despite the fluctuations this year, the price is above US$22,800, that is, about 4,500 times bigger.

This is without considering the values ​​prior to 2012, not accounted for by the website, when the Bitcoin was once given away for free and, the story goes, it was used, on his first purchase, to pay for a simple pizza.

Bitcoin quote, in dollars, in January 2023, according to the Investing portal

recent cryptocurrencies

This year, despite Bitcoin’s oscillations, many cryptocurrencies have already achieved considerable gains in a small margin of time – less than a month, in fact.

See how the appreciation of some smaller coins was between the first and the 18th of January this year:

Source: Coinmarketcap / Period: 01/01/2023 to 01/18/2023

As these are smaller coins, the room for appreciation ends up being much larger. So while Bitcoin was up 40%, these other cryptocurrencies were up 101%, 140%, even 202% in a matter of weeks.

Over time, these numbers could get even bigger. We are talking about the real chance of exponential valuations month by month.

Is the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies worth it?

Investments with high potential for financial return usually involve volatility and risk of loss.

It is precisely this uncertainty that provides the possibility of above-average earnings.. Therefore, investment in cryptocurrencies and risky assets in general needs certain care that we’re going to put here.

When we talk about cryptocurrencies, however, the asymmetry of profits in relation to risks is so great that, in the view of Empiricus Research analysts, it justifies the exhibitionas long as it’s done in a way rational and controlled.

For an investment of BRL 250, for example, the maximum that the investor can lose is BRL 250 – and that would still be the worst case scenario, which is rare and extreme.

On the other hand, those R$ 250 can turn into hundreds of thousands of reais. It’s like having the possibilities of winning a lottery, but instead of relying on luck and minimal chances, having much greater possibilities, based on one of the most promising markets for the near future.

This feature makes investing in cryptocurrencies different from the stock market. options and futuresfor example, which are also marked by possibilities of high earnings with little money.

In this type of operation, however, the investor usually enters leveraged, that is, you may have losses even greater than the amount you contributed. With crypto, this loss is limited to the contribution made.

According to Empiricus Research’s strategy to have a chance to earn money with digital assets, it is necessary to pay attention to three points:

  • Low equity exposure: the investor must put a small portion of his money in cryptocurrencies, something between 1% and 3%, and not commit the resources he will need for his daily expenses.
  • Diversification: Cryptocurrencies fluctuate a lot and depend on more unpredictable factors than the market in general. Therefore, Bazan’s recommendation is to divide your investment into the various assets on the recommended list, so that a possible fall in one currency is offset by the performance of the others.
  • discipline: many cryptocurrency investors achieve huge gains in a short time and end up breaking the rule of a small equity allocation (up to 3%). This can, in the event of a market downturn, compromise your finances. A small amount is already enough for great gains, given the high asymmetry of profits.

If you want to earn BRL 1 million investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to follow renowned experts

Transforming BRL 2,500 into BRL 1 million starting in 2023, although possible with exponential assets, seems like a promise from several gurus that we see on YouTube or on social networks (most of the time “picks”). In the case of the Empiricus Research campaign, two things need to be highlighted:

  • It’s not a promise, it’s a structured plan, which has the potential to multiply equity. However, it involves risks, so there is a suggestion to invest amounts that are “left over” in your account;
  • Vinicius Bazan is not a YouTube guru.

On the contrary, he is a certified analyst and head of the cryptocurrency and blockchain department at Empiricus Research.

Recommendations from its Exponential Coins series have returned more than 1,178% since its inception on 10/2/2017. In other words: those who followed his suggestions to the letter from the beginning multiplied their money by more than 11 times.

But where is the list of cryptocurrencies that can generate BRL 1 million from 2023?

As mentioned at the beginning of this text, a free event will be promoted by Vinicius Bazan in the coming days, to disclose how the list of 16 cryptocurrencies, which is already ready, can be accessed. To guarantee your place, just access the page (click here to register).

Don’t waste time: click the button below and grant access to the free event and to the list of cryptocurrencies exclusively selected by one of the country’s leading experts.

Source: Moneytimes

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