Coldplay show targeted by Procon, SVB case and more highlights of the week in Money Times

Coldplay: São Paulo’s Procon notified concert producer Live Nation after complaints of overcrowding (Image: Flávya Pereira/Money Times)

The week was busy for the markets, which had to deal with the news of the collapse of the SVB Financial Group. Added to this is the crisis of the Credit Suissewhich raised investor fears of a global financial crisis to 2008 levels.

On the entertainment side, the Coldplay had something to say. São Paulo’s Procon notified concert producer Live Nation after complaints of overcrowding.

Check out these and other news that were featured this week on Money Times:

10th place – Eike Batista’s former OGX bids farewell to investors, after shooting up 238%

Eike Batista’s former OGX, Dommo Energia (DMMO3) is officially saying goodbye to investors on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, after a 238% surge in shares since the beginning of last year.

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9th place – Raízen (RAIZ4) will pay almost BRL 1 billion in dividends

Raízen’s board of directors (RAIZ4) approved the payment of BRL 919 million in dividends, according to the minutes of the meeting sent to the market on Monday (13).

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8th place – Kraft Heinz is the new ghost of Lemann and 3G Capital: inconsistencies generate lawsuit in the US

The first three months of 2023 are being turbulent for Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners at 3G Capital. Two months after the billionaire debacle of Americanas (AMER3), a US investor filed a lawsuit against Lemann and his partners.

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7th place – Lula jokes, but picanha was cheaper in February; Meat prices see biggest drop in 15 months

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva seems to have managed to fulfill an electoral promise: the price of sirloin steak – and meat in general – has dropped.

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6th place – 2023 confirms phase change in the cattle price cycle, points out analyst

The survey of the Quarterly Surveys of Animal Slaughter, Milk, Leather and Chicken Egg Production by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) for 2022 was released, which helps to understand the trend of live cattle prices, for example.

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5th place – Selic cut next week has everything to go wrong, points out former BC and Itaú economist

Next week, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) meets to define the future of the Selic and the pressure on the Central Bank to ease the monetary tightening is growing every day.

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4th place – Afraid of the Chinese giants? In order not to lose to Shein, Luciano Hang even approaches the union

Luciano Hang, CEO of Havan, invited the president of the UGT (General Union of Workers) trade union, Ricardo Patah, to visit the company’s facilities in Santa Catarina, according to a column by Guilherme Seto, in the newspaper A Folha de São Paulo.

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3rd place – Gringos are ‘punching the bamboo’ at B3 (and you could be the one who gets beaten)

Foreign investors returned to sell shares with strength in B3. In financial market jargon, it is said that they are ‘pounding the bamboo’, after starting March ‘scraping’ – that is, buying.

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2nd place – After Nubank (NUBR33), Inter (INBR32), C6 and 4 more banks comment on exposure to SVB

After Nubank (NUBR33) spoke out, Inter (INBR32), C6 Bank, AgiBank, Banco Original, Neon and PagBank also denied having links with SVB, a creditor that filed for bankruptcy last Friday (10).

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1st place – Fans denounce and Coldplay shows in SP are targeted by Procon

The Procon of São Paulo notified the concert producer Live Nation due to the complaints regarding the shows of the British band Coldplay, at the Morumbi stadium.

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Source: Moneytimes

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