OI (OIBR3) announces interest rate decision week results for ‘Super Wednesday’; check the agenda

Federal Reserve announces interest rate decision on Wednesday (22); hours later, the Copom announces the Selic rate (Image: REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger)

A schedule from the week highlights the second ‘Super Wednesday’ of 2023. On the next 22nd, the Federal Reserve and the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) announce their respective interest rate decisions within a few hours.

On the one hand, the Fed must corroborate the bets increase of 0.25 percentage point (pp) in interest rate of the U.S, repeating the dose observed in the first Super Wednesday of the year, last month. The markets take the tightening for granted, even more so after the collapse of the SVB.

On the other hand, the expectation is for a change of posture on the part of the Copom. Although the expectation is still to maintain the Selic rate at 13.75% this month, the BC is expected to use the announcement and the minutes to signal the start of cuts in fees basic shortly.

OI, IPCA-15 and PMI fill the agenda

The next day, it is the turn of the English BC (BoE) to enter the scene. However, the schedule of the week will not only be a decision on interest rates central banks: ieconomic indicators and disclosure of results fill the calendar.

With that, it also deserves attention, on Friday (24), the preview of the inflation official to the Brazilian consumer (IPCA-15). On the same day, the preliminary readings of the PMI indices on activity in the industrial and service sectors in the USA and on euro zone.

Already in the season results featured for JBS (JBSS3), on Tuesday (21), and Hey (OIBR3), On thursday. the harvest of swings also brings companies from the sectors of education it’s from construction.

Check the schedule of indicators between March 20th and 24th (Brasília time):

Monday, March 20th

Time Country Indicator
Mexico Holiday
8:25 am Brazil Focus report
12:20 pm Argentina Budget Balance

Tuesday, March 21st

Time Country Indicator
Japan Holiday
Brazil 1st day of Copom/Central Bank meeting
USA 1st day of the FOMC/Federal Reserve Meeting
07h euro zone ZEW Economic Perception (March)
4 pm Argentina Trade Balance (February)

Wednesday, March 22nd

Time Country Indicator
04h UK Consumer Price Index (February)
04h UK Producer Price Index (February)
04h UK Retail Price Index (February)
3pm USA FOMC decision
3:30 pm USA Jerome Powell – Press conference
4 pm Argentina GDP 4Q22
6:30 pm Brazil Copom decision

Thursday, March 23rd

Time Country Indicator
09h UK Bank of England (BoE) rate decision
8:30 pm Japan Consumer Price Index (February)

Friday, March 24th

Time Country Indicator
Argentina Holiday
06h euro zone Industrial, Services and Compost PMI
09h Brazil IPCA-15 (March)
10:45 am USA Industrial, Services and Compost PMI

Check out the balance sheet schedule between March 20th and 24th:

Monday, March 20th

Company ticker Time
brisanet BRIT3 after closing
Itaúsa ITSA4 after closing
SIMPAR SIMH3 after closing

Tuesday, March 21st

Company ticker Time
Allied Technology ALLD3 after closing
copel CPLE6 after closing
CSU Digital (formerly CSU Cardsystem) CSUD3 after closing
Waterways of Brazil HBSA3 after closing
JBS JBSS3 after closing
Positive Technology POSI3 after closing
Santos Brazil STBP3 after closing
Taurus Weapons TASA4 after closing
vibrate energy VBBR3 after closing
Westwing WEST3 after closing

Wednesday, March 22nd

Company ticker Time
Good view GOOD3 after closing
PetroRecôncavo RECV3 after closing
Sequoia Logistics SEQL3 after closing
unify FIQE3 after closing

Thursday, March 23rd

Company ticker Time
Aliansce Sonae / BR Malls ALSO3 after closing
Armac ARML3 after closing
Biomm BIOM3 after closing
Cogna Education COGN3 after closing
Dimed/Panvel PNVL4 after closing
Eneva ENEV3 after closing
Eucatex EUCA4 after closing
Even EVEN3 after closing
HBR Realty HBRE3 after closing
Locaweb LWSA3 after closing
melnick MELK3 after closing
Hey OIBR3 after closing
you know SBSP3 after closing
To live VIVR3 after closing
Wilson Sons PORT3 after closing

Friday, March 24th

Company ticker Time
be educational SEER3 before the opening
PDG Realty PDGR3 after closing
Tecnisa TCSA3 after closing

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