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Consumer Day Promotions that you can still take advantage of

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During Consumer Week, brands announced promotions that can still be taken advantage of (Image: Freepik/@snowing)

O consumer day was celebrated on the 15th of March. However, there are still promotions that can be used until this Sunday (19) or before the end of the month.

Traditional retail names such as Magazine Luiza, amazon, Americans, Free market It is Bahia Houses offered offers for this date.

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6 offer options ranging from electronics to airline tickets

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However, there are still promotions from digital banks and even the Serasa, which can be used for a longer period of time. Check out:

Inter Shop

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Until the end of March, Inter Shop offers a 70% discount and up to 20% cashback. There are also coupons for up to 20% off and a “buy and win” campaign.

Gift cards from stores like iFood, HBO and PlayStation, Inter Cel and Inter Consórcios also gain special conditions.

Check the details of the promotions here.


Until the 19th, the end of Consumer Week, the Nubank there are exclusive offers in the application, in addition to the launch of gift cards in its marketplace.

Up to 50% cashback will be offered on purchases made on the platform, through partnerships with Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Shopee and AliExpress brands. Details can be checked through the Nubank application.


Until this Saturday (18), PicPay is offering cashback up to 30% on purchases made at the PicPay Store, the application’s marketplace.

In this way, those who buy at PicPay Store partner stores, such as Magazine Luiza, Aliexpress, Beauty on the Web, O Boticário, Consul, HP and Casas Bahia will receive part of their money back. Cashback varies by site.

Also, the marketplace will also provide cash back gift cards and coupons that offer additional cashback on the first purchase for iFood, Xbox, Playstation, Roblox, Sony, Xbox and Nintendo, among others.

To receive the cashback, just have a PicPay account and go to the Store tab. After making the purchase, the money is received on the platform within 90 days, according to the deadline established by the partner store.


Decolar.com offers a 60% discount on travel products and services.

“Until March 19th, customers can take advantage of special discounts. We even recommend purchasing packages, which can result in a 35% greater discount compared to purchasing items such as tickets and accommodation separately,” says Daniela Araujo, Director of Air Products at Take off.

Special purchase conditions include:

  • Travel packages;
  • Hospitality;
  • Take off application;
  • Airline tickets;
  • Tickets.


Until the 31st of March, the Feirão Serasa Clean Name will have the largest number of companies and 100 million offers for up to R$ 100 to pay off debts.

There are already 465 companies that are part of the mutirão, with discounts that can reach 99%. It is also possible to pay by pix and clear the name on the fly.

Tips for taking advantage of promotions

To take advantage of the debt-free Consumer Week offers, Thaíne Clemente, Strategies and Operations executive at Simplic, fintech personal credit, gives tips for conscious shopping. Check out:

  • Assess whether the purchase is really necessary;
  • Whenever possible, pay in cash;
  • Use technology to your advantage for price comparison and financial control;
  • use the cashback when offered by stores;
  • Pay attention to calls such as “last item in stock and the like”, as they are often just an appeal from the sales strategy marketing;
  • Use your credit card carefully.

Source: Moneytimes

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