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Layoffs in technology: With mass layoffs, how are the professionals who kept their jobs?

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Tech companies like Spotify, Amazon, Google and Salesforce are among the big companies that have already announced headcount reductions (Image: Unsplash/Alex Kotliarskyi)

To the mass layoffsalso called layoffsare becoming an increasingly common movement should in the segment of technology.

Companies like Spotify, amazon (AMZO34), Google (GOOGL) It is salesforce (SSFO34) are among the large companies that have already announced headcount reductions.

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Just four months after dismissing 11 thousand employees, the Goal (ex-Facebook) informed earlier this week that it intends to a second round of cutslaying off 10,000 employees.

In a scenario full of uncertainties, many questions are also established around: how are the professionals who manage to maintain their positions?

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In this sense, some strategies need to be applied on a daily basis, to build a culture of belonging and collaboration among the employees who remain. The evaluation came from the director of development at Red Ventures Brasil, Eduardo Ottaviani Aragão, and the HR manager, Renata Ledandeck.

They explain that finding ways to bring people together is an important step towards creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, which is precisely what these professionals need, at a time when they are questioning whether they will be the next to face a possible replacement in the workplace. job market.

As a result, group initiatives such as Weekly’s, Tech Reviews and Tech Week are great alternatives for employees to come together and share discoveries, improvements, practices and learning through informal conversations, presentations or any other format that people deem appropriate. .

“In this way, an environment rich in exchanges is created. External events are also a way of bringing people together beyond work, in order to bring knowledge of the market”, they explain.

Technology: How to keep professionals engaged?

In addition to the weekly meetings, Aragão and Ledandeck say that team building by squads generates more interest in the work routine. The squads are multidisciplinary teams, which have the autonomy to collaboratively discuss challenges from design, new features to product maintenance.

“In this way, it is possible to cultivate the feeling of ownership of the shared business among people in the group, as each one has a different expertise”, explains Aragão.

Innovation was also a point highlighted by the professionals, who explain that it often comes from the product and development within the squad itself. However, it is also necessary to encourage and create knowledge dynamics between people from different businesses, the so-called “chapters”.

The strategy is used to stimulate new discoveries, research and discussions on how to solve challenges internally.

Flexibility and follow-up

An important point in establishing a healthy culture and climate is flexibility. According to the development director and the HR manager, with the daily challenges, an environment that promotes autonomy, responsibility, communication and also flexibility is needed, so that people can solve everyday problems, in addition to work.

In addition, professionals point out that remote work is a flexible strategy to reach talents in the most diverse places in the country.

It is also important for the company to pay attention to the development and monitoring of its employees. In this way, it is possible to contribute to the evolution of the career of each professional.

Internal mentoring, conversations from time to time, feedback and half-yearly performance evaluation are alternatives in this case.

“In this way, we manage to direct and help each one to see their own strengths and development opportunities according to the team’s feedback”, explains Ledandeck.

Source: Moneytimes

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