Gringos sell more than buy shares on B3 in March; check partial balance

Foreign investors sold shares on B3 in seven of the last 12 trading sessions in March until the 16th, raising the negative balance of external capital in the month to almost R$ 2 billion (Image: Bloomberg)

You foreign investors close the first half of March selling more than buying actions at B3. Partial balance until the last day 16 shows that in a total of 12 trading sessions, the daily flow of external capital was negative in no less than seven occasions.

Therefore, in just five sessions since the beginning of the month, the gringos went shopping at B3. In the most recent data, referring to last Thursday (16), there was a withdrawal of BRL 461.10 million in the secondary market (actions already listed) brazilian scholarship.

A day earlier, outflows totaled another R$486.44 million. This negative balance annulled the entry of the previous day (14), of almost R$ 200 million, leaving a residual balance.

By the way, the entry on the 14th was the most recent of the month. In addition, it also represents the second lowest contribution in March, behind only the paltry purchase of less than R$ 5 million on the 9th.

As a result, the partial balance of foreign funds in March is over R$1 billion negative. Now this account B3 in the month up to the 16th, it has a deficit of R$ 1.757 billion.

Thus, the withdrawals observed in March further shrank the foreign capital surplus accumulated in 2023, which remains below BRL 10 billion, at BRL 9.113 billion. However, the account in the period is still sustained by contributions in January, when the gringos allocated R$ 12.5 billion.

Check the daily balance of external capital at B3 this month:

Date External K net balance (millions)
03/01/2023 (423.21)
03/02/2023 (296.96)
03/03/2023 353.51
03/06/2023 556.20
03/07/2023 (363.28)
03/08/2023 260.29
03/09/2023 4.86
03/10/2023 (869.38)
03/13/2023 (190.81)
03/14/2023 159.23
03/15/2023 (486.44)
03/16/2023 (461.10)

Source: Moneytimes

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