Income Tax 2023: How to declare investments in the Direct Treasury

Applications in the Direct Treasury must be completed in the 2023 Income Tax declaration. The deadline is already running and ends on May 31 (Image: Agência Brasil/ Marcello Casal Jr)

The investments in Treasury Direct are also included in the 2023 Income Tax return, whose deadline ends on May 31. If you are still in doubt whether or not you should be accountable to the revenue lion, check this article first.

In general terms, people who received taxable income above R$ 28,559.70 in the year – or about R$ 2,380 per month – or who had income exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively in source above BRL 40 thousand.

In Treasury Direct, investors lend their money to the Brazilian government and receive it back with interest. The collection of income tax on investments is already made at source, at the time of redemption, following the regression tablewhich ranges from 22.50% to 15%.

Treasury Direct on IR 2023

First of all, to fill in your money invested in the Direct Treasury, the investor needs to have his income report at hand. The document is made available by your bank or stockbroker.

To fill the cash balance in government bonds (Selic Treasury, Prefixed Treasury It is Treasury IPCA+), simply select the “Assets and Rights” category in the 2023 Income Tax declaration program, and then the “04 – Applications and investments” group.

Then, choose “02 – Public and private securities subject to taxation (Tesouro Direto, CDB, RDB and others)”.

When filling in the income, investments in the Direct Treasury must appear in the section “Income Subject to Exclusive/Definitive Taxation”.

The next step is to select item “06-Income from Financial Applications”.

The process is necessary if the investor has made a profit from the sale of a security (in the case of early sales for gains in mark to market), receiving semi-annual interest (some government bonds offer passive income) or the maturity of the bond has occurred.

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