Twitter: Techniques to go viral will be exposed by Elon Musk; social network will be the first open source

By understanding a program’s code, it is possible to analyze its algorithms and understand how content, and profiles, are being prioritized more than others (Image: REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Elon MuskCEO of Tesla and the twitterannounced this Friday (31) that it will continue its plan to make the social network open source.

That is, the structure, the programming of the network will be open to everyone, which will allow the network to be audited by specialists. The idea is to have a free feedback loop with suggestions about bugs and improvements among the social network community.

The initiative has not yet been joined by any other traditional media platform in the world, only in blockchain called Web3.

By understanding a program’s code, it is possible to analyze its algorithms and understand how content and profiles are prioritized.

In other words, by opening the code of the social network, it is possible to analyze the right techniques on how to go viral on the platform, or at least not “flop”.

“Algorithm goes open source at noon Pacific time,” says billionaire. The time in Brasilia for the launch of the blue social network algorithm is at 4 pm.

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Elon Musk advances on Twitter and criticizes AI

It wasn’t by far the only thing that got the spotlight on Musk’s Twitter this week. The announcement comes two days after he endorsed, along with researchers, specialists, executives from the technologyan open letter that invites companies from all over the world to pause the development of Artificial Intelligences, such as ChatGPT. The application is for a period of at least six months.

The rapid advance and the absence of security protocols on the subject prompted the publication of the open letter by the non-profit group Future of Life Institute.

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