Income Tax 2023: 5 real estate funds to invest with the refund money

Income Tax Refund 2023 will be paid from May 31 and the taxpayer can invest the extra money in FIIs (Image: Shutterstock/Montagem Julia Shikota)

The first will be the first. At least that’s how it works in Income tax. Taxpayers who make the declaration in the first few days are also the first to receive the refund, when entitled.

Two weeks after the start of sending the declaration of the Income Tax 2023, many taxpayers already know the amount that will fall into the account. With this, those who prioritize investments can prepare to research real estate funds which are at a good price and can be bet with that extra cash.

FIIs to invest with income tax refund

The analyst of EQI InvestimentosCarolina Borges, indicates five real estate funds in the paper and hybrid segments that can earn extra money with the 2023 income tax refund.

Borges comments that the hybrid real estate fund has a good diversification of revenue sources per property and per tenant, with low directional risks. In addition, the ALZR11 has another important feature, according to her, which is the type of contracts, which are 100% atypical.

“Which brings good security and predictability. As a result, the fund has consistently increased its yields since June 2021 and delivered a good result for its shareholder”, he assesses.

However, the analyst points out that, with a recent issue of quotas, the FII has carried out acquisitions that adhere to the investment thesis at a time that the EQI considers favorable to the buyer of brick backgrounds.

Another fund that draws the attention of the EQI analyst is the VBI CRI paper. According to her, currently, the fund is negotiated with about 7% discount compared to the book value.

“It is a diversified FII by segment, since it has Cris residential, subdivision, logistics, malls, educational, among others. However, it reduces sectoral risks”, he assesses.

Borges adds that CVBI11’s portfolio is predominantly indexed to the official index of inflation (IPCA). “We see this FII as a good investment option in inflation-linked securities, with medium credit risk, good management and a discount to book value”, he comments.

The EQI professional highlights another paper fund, with a hybrid allocation profile between indexes. She believes that the RBRY11 is capable of delivering good yields in scenarios of both high inflation and high interest rates. As well, you can benefit from the appreciation of shares.

“We consider a fund with moderate credit risk, with a good part of the CRIs portfolio linked to the residential sector, subdivisions and logistics warehouses”, he says. She reinforces that the FII has a 3% discount compared to the book value and a monthly dividend yield of more than 1.15%.

Therefore, according to Borges, the RBRY11 is a “good option” for paper background diversified to deliver a good performance against the current uncertainties of the economic scenario.

Carolina Borges also mentions the VCJR11 as an option to invest with the 2023 Income Tax refund. She points out that it is a paper fund indexed 91.5% to the IPCA.

However, even with the Selic rate high, the analyst considers that it is important for investors to be exposed to assets capable of preserving and increasing purchasing power, with relatively low credit risk.

“The VCJR11 portfolio consists of 27 CRIs, with greater exposure to the residential sector and diversified into other sectors, such as commercial, hotels, corporate and energy. The fund still has an 8% discount compared to book value”, he comments, adding that the VCJR has a portfolio with an average remuneration of IPCA +10%.

Finally, Borges mentions the VGIR11 to invest with the extra money coming from the Income Tax. “It is a real estate fund with an allocation strategy focused on the CDI, with concentration on the residential segment”, he comments.

She says that the expectation of maintaining the interest rate at high levels throughout the year will allow the VGIR11 to continue delivering a good income distribution.

The analyst at EQI Investimentos explains that Valora RE III has a net return of +3.4% CDI and moderate credit risk. Since it has a higher concentration in CRI Helbor.

However, with short duration. “With that, we consider VGIR11 a good tactical option for efficient exposure to CDI at this time”, he says.

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