Hapvida (HAPV3): After an 11% jump this Thursday (25), the stock can still rise 40%, assesses the bank

Worse is behind Hapvida, says Bank of America (Image: Facebook/Hapvida)

The shares of hapvida (HAPV3) jumped this Thursday (25), appearing among the high highlights of the Ibovespa. In the trading session alone, the share appreciated by almost 11%, reaching R$ 3.94.

After a troubled period in the market, with investors and analysts weighing Hapvida’s real solvency problem, the company seems to be moving towards the light of the end of the tunnel.

The most recent good news was the balance sheet for the first quarter, which showed an improvement trend for the coming quarters, according to Fernando Ferrer, an analyst at Empiricus Research.

For Ferrer, the company’s main point of attention showed an important relief in the period.

“Hapvida’s cash loss ratio was 72.3%, down 0.6 percentage points in the quarterly comparison and 2.6 percentage points in the annual comparison, exceeding our expectations and those of the market”, he comments.

In the evaluation of Bank of America (BofA), the worst seems to be behind us. The Bank of the United States adopted a more bullish (optimistic) about the name and the healthcare industry.

“The worst was in the past for the health sector, as operators continue to raise prices, but, due to the long cycle, this improvement should appear mainly in the second half of 2023”, highlights the institution, in a report published this Wednesday. (23).

In BofA’s opinion, the “real scenario” is better than the current one, considering that the rise in prices takes 12 months to show the full impact.

BofA assesses that Hapvida has accelerated the increase in prices since the second half of 2022, which, together with pressured inflation, should lead to an improvement in the loss ratio.

“We see HAPV3 trading at 40x and 17x P/E (price to earnings) for both 2023 and 2024, which we think is interesting given the CAGR figures for 2022-25 of 85%,” he concludes.

According to BofA, the market should anticipate revisions to the results. The recommendation for Hapvida’s shares is “buy”, with a target price of R$5.50, which implies a potential appreciation of around 40% over the last close.

Source: Moneytimes

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