The legal agreement with Facebook that ‘yielded’ assets of US$ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies: these twins bet on bitcoin, but 5 other cryptocurrencies may be the path to R$ 1 million

Cryptocurrency market expert Vinicius Bazan will reveal his bet for the next Bitcoin super event next week; find out more information about the event- Images: Shutterstock- Editing: Brenda Silva

O Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies became very famous in recent years for providing a financial turnaround in the lives of many investors.

Some investors may be somewhat skeptical about the ‘easy’ enrichment through cryptos, and may even think that only with a lot of ‘luck’ is it possible to reach a millionaire assets.

In fact, even those who have already had the wheel of Fortune on their doorstep on another occasion managed to become millionaires through cryptocurrencies.

One of the examples of this is the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, involved in the controversy creation from Facebook. At the time, the brothers claimed that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for creating a social network.

The situation was resolved in a court settlement in which the twins got a ‘simple’ amount of $65 million.

However, the brothers only really became billionaires after bet on part of that equity in Bitcoin (BTC), right in the first years of life of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

In 2013, when the coin started to become popular, the Winklevoss already owned $11 million worth of BTC. No wonder, in 2014, they founded the Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange, considered The first ethereum exchange licensed with headquarters in ANDAU.

Four years later, in 2017, the twins revealed that they had never even sold a single bitcoin. At that point, the coin was already worth $20 million, which resulted in a fortune of US$ 1 billion for the twins.

The brothers not only invested in the cryptocurrency, but also in other active cryptos, as stablecoins — cryptocurrencies backed by a real dollar reserve — and a digital art marketplace from the universe of NFTsthe non-fungible tokens.

But, if in less than five years the Winklevoss saw the exponential return offered by cryptocurrencies, in 2022 they also suffered as they followed the decline in the price of the coin by interest rate hike in the United States.

Fact is, the crypto world has its stages and if last year cryptocurrencies faced a low low, the scenario is heading in different directions.

With the deceleration of inflation North American and Bitcoin halving about to happen the chances of other billionaires appearing may be about to happen. I explain.

It is important to understand that within a scenario of high interest rates, technological assets are strongly penalized. That’s why there has been this decline in prices in recent months.

However, after inflation in the US has recently come below than expected, the scenario reinforces a possible end to the cycle of rising interest rates in the US, a factor that benefits the cryptocurrencies.

And best of all, this move comes as a complement to something I already had. right date to happen — and which is also very positive for crypto assets.

‘Super Event’ in Crypto World Can Again Generate Exponential Returns; understand

One of the most awaited moments in the crypto world is about to happen soon.

And according to market specialist Vinícius Bazan, it is not necessary to start investing a fortune equal to the Winklevoss brothers in order to reach the first million.

“The next wave of millionaires can be formed with a low investment and in a relatively short period, starting in 2023. And I have prepared a plan so that you have the chance to be one of those millionaires investing in extremely aggressive currencies but also with very high potential.” – Vinicius Bazan

Within the crypto market there is an event that, when it occurs, brings true super multiplications.

This event is known as halvingwhich is nothing more than an update within the Bitcoin protocol.

When this update is made, the amount of Bitcoins entering the market each day drops by half. This update exists to control digital currency inflation and instability.

These super multiplications happen for a simple reason: by reducing the production of bitcoins, the asset starts to appreciate more, since demand tends to be greater than supply.

See the appreciation potential of recent years at the super event

Source: CryptoRoob

In 2012, when the first halving took place, Bitcoin appreciated over +8,438% during the following 12 months. At that time:

  • R$50 became R$8,538;
  • R$500 became R$85,380;
  • Only 12,000 reais became R$1,000,000.

Those who knew how to take advantage of the opportunity and secured their slice of the cake managed to earn a lot of money with little invested.

But the most important thing is that this super event is scheduled to happen again next year — and you can find out today which cryptocurrencies are with high upside potential in this case.

Analyst Vinicius Bazan’s bet for this next halving is on coins smaller than Bitcoin, but which will also ‘to surf’ in its possible exponential rise, since the cryptocurrency market has a positive correlation with the movement of bitcoin.

The market specialist has already delivered more than 1,527.08% profit from your recommendations. That is, those who followed their calls have already managed to multiply the money invested by more than 16x.

Free: know the way to get your first million

For expert Bazan, the path to reaching the first million can be done with little money. The analyst separated 5 cryptocurrencies which are currently very cheap.

And now, on the next 29th, the analyst will do a live broadcast in which he will talk about the 5 cryptocurrencies to have in your portfolio and seek your first million as of this month.

“We are facing one of the greatest wealth building cycles in the history of the financial market. Possibly the last of this magnitude to be done with cryptocurrencies. There is no other market that you can legally invest in today and have potential returns as great as in crypto. The time is now.” – Vinicius Bazan

To stay tuned for the next steps and how to watch the broadcast is simple, just click the button below:

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