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    Ibovespa: if it exceeds 105 thousand points today, the stock exchange gains momentum to rise to 10%

    Perspective: graphic analysts see chances of Ibovespa reacting this year end (Image: B3/Disclosure)

    O Ibovespa will live a decisive day this Thursday (25). This is because, after closing up 0.83% and 104,514 points yesterday, the main stock index is very close to breaking a barrier that would open the way for a substantial gain in the coming days, according to graphic analysts at Genial Investimentos and XP Investimentos.

    For Genial, the ceiling that needs to be broken is at 105,370 points. XP puts it a little lower, at 105,040 points. In any case, it only takes less than a 1% increase in today’s trading session for the Ibovespa to gain momentum to seek greater targets, in the region of 108,000 points.

    XP even uses a word that investors always like – “rally” – to describe the upside potential that would open up for the Stock Exchange, if the Ibovespa gains enough traction to break even 108,000 points. In this case, the manager believes that the index could reach 115 thousand points, to the delight of the market.

    See, below, the projections of the graffiti artists from Harvest Bank, Great Investments e XP Investments.

    Home 1st resistance Potential gain* 2nd resistance Potential gain* 3rd resistance Potential gain*
    Harvest Bank 108.800 4,10% 110.000 5,25% 114.900 9,94%
    Genial 105.370 0,82% 108.670 3,98% 109.370 4,64%
    XP Investments 105.040 0,50% 108.670 3,98% 115.000 10%
    *about the closing of 11/24


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