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    Know what to expect from cryptocurrencies in 2022

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    See video with analysis by crypto expert Valter Rebelo for 2022 -Image: Pexels

    It is impossible to talk about 2021 without mentioning the Cryptocurrency boom that took over the financial scenario, with the increasing entry of new fans. Now, starting another year, expectations for the cryptomarket follow a thousand. And to calm the hearts of investors like you and prepare them for the next cycle, Empiricus crypto expert Valter Rebelo shared some projections.

    Before opening his opinions on the market, Rebelo makes a brief comparison between Bitcoin, when it was still a gamble, and the current crypto landscape, on its rise.

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    Valter compares the pioneer of the digital class to a teenager in constant learning so that, at a more mature age, he can achieve the desired success. Mentioning the trajectory of bitcoin and so many other cryptocurrencies that came after it and also those that are on their way to reaching their high in the coming months.

    For 2022, the expert sees the following points:

    • A more intense and decisive regulatory process than in 2021. Especially in the United States, the most relevant country in the global crypto economy;
    • A turbulent relationship between the Fed’s monetary policy and risk-perceiving assets;
    • A major maturing of the cryptocurrency market infrastructure and how it will positively affect the performance of cryptocurrencies this year;
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    US regulation and high volatility in the short term

    The regularization process in the United States, according to a note issued by the Fed, will focus on clearly declaring the legality of activities with crypto assets, such as:

    • Custody of crypto assets;
    • Collateralized financing;
    • Issuance and distribution of Stablecoins;
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    The expert points out that the regulatory trajectory will be fundamental for cryptos to be more adopted in the institutional sphere and to reach the largest number of people in the future, even though this is already happening.

    Financial market risk is demonstrated through price volatility and crypto remains especially volatile at this time due to the high levels of leverage in the industry. Therefore, Valter believes that we may see more volatility in the short term. He also says that these concerns and uncertainties should not extend to the long term.

    Crypto assets: sustainable uses

    Compared to previous years, Valter Rebelo looks to the digital future with good prospects, he believes that the cryptoeconomy has built solid and sustainable use cases: decentralized finance, NFTs, games, stablecoins, among many other disruptive tools.

    And he believes that, for 2022, the scenario is extremely promising for crypto assets. Finally, Valter says that we have much more reason to be optimistic than fearful.

    Given the results in recent years, cryptocurrencies still have a lot more to present to the world.

    Watch the video above and see Valter Rebelo’s projections for crypto in 2022 in full.

    Source From: Moneytimes

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