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    Rodolfo Amstalden: How do you feel about joining our digital currency incubator?

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    (Image: Murilo Constantino/Empiricus)

    In this very disruptive segment, it is usually like this: those who position themselves in the right currencies first tend to earn more.

    It’s been a few years since cryptocurrencies came out of the gray area and are no longer the stuff of geeks or gamers. We see a growing movement of new adherents. They are investors looking for alternatives to diversify and monetize their assets, which is quite healthy.

    It is even interesting to have a small portion of cryptos in your wallet.

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    This market is in full evolution, experiencing a moment of institutionalization, with the entry of new fund managers and launches of crypto ETFs. And, in a scenario of more information available and brokers operating in the segment, access is facilitated.

    Even so, we see that for many people it still boils down to bitcoin (BTC) or, at most, to ether (ETH), from the Ethereum blockchain platform. Undoubtedly, these are the most famous digital currencies with the highest market capitalization.

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    Of course, they are promising and have room to grow, however, there are several other smaller coins, the so-called microcoins, with low market value, but with greater potential for appreciation.

    These are assets that are currently worth minuscule cents on the dollar, but that have a chance to rise in price exponentially.

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    Small caps de cripto

    I will make an analogy with the stock market. A few days ago I wrote here about the potential of several small caps, shares of companies with lower capitalization on the Brazilian stock exchange.

    I referred to companies with good fundamentals that are extremely discounted. For me, it is precisely in this category that the great leaps may occur in the near future.

    Microcoins are like small caps. By selecting the best, it is possible to capture very favorable asymmetries. That is, there are greater chances of exponential returns.

    Still in my analogy, Vale (VALE3), one of the largest Brazilian companies, has a market value of R$ 429 billion, so, to double an investment, it would have to reach R$ 858 billion. Imagine how much capital would have to be made available for this to happen, that is, the chances are slim.

    It’s the same situation with bitcoin, which has a capitalization of $811.6 billion, based on the price at the moment I’m writing. Therefore, it is very difficult for him to exponentially multiply the contributions of new investors.

    This is in contrast to small coins like AXS linked to the game Axie Infinity, which was recommended by the team of crypto experts here at Empiricus in early 2021. From January to November, that is, in just 11 months, the appreciation was more of 20,000%.

    Of course, past returns are no guarantee of future gains, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities for high valuations.

    Crypto Incubator: Early-stage cryptocurrencies

    For most people, I understand that it is a very difficult task, practically impossible, to mine good microcoins among thousands of existing assets.

    The universe is vast. There are more than 16,000 cryptocurrencies being traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Really, this is a mission for experts. That’s why Vinicius Bazan, together with Lucca Benedetti and Valter Rebelo, analysts here at Empiricus, are doing this work.

    By the way, it is worth mentioning that the two crypto wallets in the house led by them – the Exponencial Coins it’s at Crypto Legacy, have already delivered 3,562.5% and 2,721% respectively, since their creations in 2017.

    They are selecting high-potential microcoins that are not even listed on major exchanges, therefore still under the radar of most.

    In this very disruptive segment, it’s usually like this: those who position themselves in the right currencies first tend to earn more.

    So, I take this opportunity and leave here a special invitation for you. Bazan hosted a free online meeting on 01/24 to talk about the potential of smaller digital currencies.

    In it, the name of a microcoin he mined will be revealed firsthand, as well as all the details on how to buy it.


    A hug!

    Source From: Moneytimes

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