Daily Covid cases in Germany rise above 200 thousand and causes shortage of workers

The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases reported 203,136 positive tests in the last 24 hours, 69,600 more cases than on the same day a week ago (Image: REUTERS/Pedro Nunes)

The number of new infections by the Covid-19 and Germany surpassed 200,000 in just one day for the first time this Thursday, impacting the availability of workers in Business such as Lufthansa Cargo.

THE Institute Robert Koch of infectious diseases recorded 203,136 positive tests in the last 24 hours, 69,600 more cases than the same day a week ago.

The weekly incidence per 100,000 people rose to 1,017 from 941 the day before, while another 188 people died, bringing the total death toll in Germany since the start of the pandemic in early 2020 to 117,314.

The growing number of infections has led to shortages of professionals in sectors such as logistics, health and child care.

The airline’s freighter arm Lufthansa said that the staff shortage at its hub in Frankfurt means the company is currently unable to carry out sorting services on individual freight for the U.S, Canada e Europe.

“Despite comprehensive preventive measures, we are now clearly feeling the increasing number of infections,” Lufthansa Cargo told Reuters on Thursday, adding that up to 15% of freight in Frankfurt will be affected by the delays.

The company said its flight schedule will not be affected, as will the transport of time-sensitive products such as transplant organs or temperature-controlled objects.

Source From: Moneytimes

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