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NABU showed a video of Trubitsyn’s “servant” negotiating a bribe

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The defendants in the case agreed on the placement of points of seasonal mobile trade (“kupav”)

The deputy of the Kiev City Council was exposed for receiving 1.4 million hryvnia bribes / Photo: Collage: Today

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The National Anti-Corruption Bureau on its Facebook page published a video of the negotiations between the participants in the case on suspicion of the deputy of the Kiev City Council Vladislav Trubitsyn in a bribe.

In the course of the dialogue, a person interested in cooperation with the deputy is interested in whether everything is being done honestly, is there such a thing that at first everyone agrees, everything is approved, and then some kind of “swing” begins. To which Trubitsyn replied that there is no such thing, since they have a “golden share” because they are a party from power, and everyone who tries to “put a spoke in the wheels” will regret it very much later.

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He also noted that there is an “anxious person” who has access to any minister within an hour, if something happens, he contacts the official.

The published video discussed how to organize the obtaining of permits for the so-called “kupava” bypassing regulatory documents, as well as what the cost of registration.

The NABU also noted that the collected materials are part of the evidence base and show the “behind the scenes” of the organization of trade in the capital.

Journalist Yury Butusov reported that Trubitsyn is a key person in issuing permits for MAFs in Kiev, he is connected with the head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak. Butusov recalled that Yermak, before entering politics, was engaged as a lawyer and lobbyist in issuing permits for MAFs, summer venues for restaurants and real estate in Kiev.

What is charged to the deputy

The investigation believes that the deputy of the Kyiv City Council with five accomplices organized a corruption scheme, in which they received unlawful benefits from entrepreneurs for placing seasonal mobile trade points, NABU reported.

Despite the fact that the right to place such points was granted based on the results of open tenders, their potential participants were informed that only predetermined companies for a fee could win.

The investigation documented the criminal activities of the participants in the scheme for almost a year. NABU detectives recorded the transfer of UAH 1.39 million of illegal benefits in two tranches. Upon receipt of the second part – UAH 1.26 million – the participants in the scheme were detained “hot”.

Not the first scandal in the “Servant of the People”

  • This is not the first “servant of the people” who is accused of taking a bribe. Recently, a deputy from the Servant of the People Serhiy Kuzminykh was detained by NABU detectives on a bribe in the amount of UAH 558,000.
  • According to the investigation, the deputy received funds for assisting in the conclusion of contracts between private companies and a hospital in the Zhytomyr region. He was informed of the suspicion. At the moment, a trial has been scheduled for February 11, at which the Kuzminykhs will choose a measure of restraint.
  • A case has also been opened about offering unlawful benefits to the police against the people’s deputy from the Servant of the People Alexander Trukhin, who is involved in a scandal with an accident. A video has been published on the Web where Trukhin, at the scene of the accident, offers law enforcement officers a bribe to let him leave the scene.

Source: Segodnya

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