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More snow and bad weather but high pressure returns from Thursday

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The Valentine’s snow arrived and also a lot of rain in the northwest, then the high pressure will return. These are the forecasts of Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, who recalls how in Italy “the winter season was with a temperature 0.5 ° C higher than the average, and the month of January one of the driest in recent decades with a deficit of almost 5 billion cubic meters of rain compared to the average amount: -56% of precipitation nationwide, up to -76% in the northwest, according to Icona Clima data “.

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In the next few hours the snow will fall abundantly on the Alps and the Eastern Prealps above 350-500 meters, but a rapid melting of the white mantle is expected as early as Thursday 17. “Immediately after the disturbance – adds Tedici – exceptional thermal values ​​are expected for the February, up to 12 ° C higher than the average for the period. Anomalous highs above 20 ° C are not excluded even in many cities in the center-north. In summary, the high pressure, which almost never abandoned during the last 2 months if not in the last 36 hours, it will be loud again. The sun will seem that of April, two months early, especially in the hills and in the central regions “.
In detail: Tuesday 15. In the north: bad weather in the north-east, heavy snowfalls in the eastern Alps, in particular in Friuli over 500 meters, snow in the plains in Emilia. Center: scattered showers with snow over 1000 meters and stiff winds from the west. In the south: a day of bad weather with rain and strong winds from the west.
Wednesday 16. In the north: sunny except for fogs in the Po valley, freezing in the morning. Center: mostly sunny day, cold in the morning. In the south: residual bad weather on Puglia, Calabria and Sicily.
Thursday 17. In the north: good weather except for mists on the plains. Center: sunny and warmer day. In the south: mostly clear or partly cloudy.
Trend: next weekend with lots of clouds (especially Saturday) and fast showers in the Northeast.

Important snowfalls have affected, as predicted yesterday by Arpal which had issued a yellow alert snow on the Ligurian hills where this morning, between 7 and 8, about 2 cm of snow fell. According to Arpal data, up to 6 in the morning 25 cm were recorded in Amborzasco (S. Stefano d’Aveto), 19 cm in Gorra (Valbrevenna), 30 cm on Monte Settepani, 19 cm in Urbe Vara (Savona). Particularly interesting is the data recorded by Arpal in Limone (Cuneo), considered the ‘mountain of the Genoese’, where 42 cm of fresh snow and 71 cm fell. of total accumulation on the ground. Precisely because of the heavy snowfall, a car got stuck in Borgo Fornari, in the Upper Scrivia valley, leaning on the guard rail and obstructing the transit of other cars. The Fire Brigade removed the vehicle with a manual winch and parked it, clearing the road.

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Source: Ansa

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