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The Sun: date and time of the first Russian missile attack on Ukraine named

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British media found out which objects will be hit first

Western media predict attack / Collage “Today”

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The British edition of The Sun, citing US intelligence reports that Russia intends to invade Ukraine tomorrow, February 16 at 02.00 Kyiv time. The attack will begin with a massive missile attack involving 200,000 troops. The publication prepared a map of a possible attack.

This publication came against the backdrop of a morning statement by a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry that the Southern and Western military districts have begun returning their formations to their places of deployment after exercises held near the borders of Ukraine.

What is known

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The Sun reports that, according to US intelligence, the most likely time for Putin’s order is 3 am (2 am Kyiv time). The Pentagon believes that military and government command and control centers in Kiev will be subjected to heavy air fire first of all. Only after that, Russian tanks will cross the border.

Western intelligence officials report that after the military exercises, the Russian command withdraws only about 10,000 troops from the west and south. However, about 130,000 Russian troops are now concentrated near our border and about 40,000 pro-Putin forces in the north, in Belarus. Another 30,000 pro-Russian militants are in the occupied part of Donbass.

Attack from air and sea

A similar message was posted by the British tabloid The Mirror.

According to US intelligence agencies, the Kremlin leadership will order an attack on Ukraine tomorrow at 3 am local time. They can launch air strikes against Kiev’s military and government control centers before the tanks cross the border.nitsa. At the same time, Russian landing ships can storm the southern coast of Ukraine,” the publication says.


Source: Segodnya

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