Sacchi murder: Anastasya defense, against her racist junk

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 16 – “We have undergone a media trial for two years, in silence. The trials are held in the courtrooms, not in the television salons. We have witnessed a real junk also seasoned with racism towards of my client “. This is what was stated in the courtroom by the lawyer Giuseppe Cincioni, defender of Anastasiya Kylemnyk, the ex-girlfriend of Luca Sacchi, killed in Rome on 23 October 2019 during a robbery attempt. In the proceedings, the girl appears both as an injured party for the robbery of her backpack and as a defendant for the accusation of having tried to buy drugs. For her, the prosecutor Giulia Guccione asked for a sentence of 4 and a half years. The prosecutor also asked for a life sentence for Valerio del Grosso (material author of the murder) and thirty years for Paolo Pirino and Marcello De Propris and the acquittal for the latter’s father, Armando.


Source: Ansa

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