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Bologna massacre: Pg, processes afflicted by misdirection viruses

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 16 FEB – “All the trials for the massacre were afflicted by the misdirection virus, for this reason ascertaining the truth has always been very difficult”. Pg Umberto Palma said this when he began his indictment in the context of the new trial on the massacre of August 2, 1980, which sees as the main accused the former National Avant-garde Paolo Bellini, accused of being one of the perpetrators of the massacre at the Bologna station of the 2 August 1980, in competition with the already condemned Nar and with Licio Gelli, Umberto Ortolani, Federico Umberto D’Amato and Mario Tedeschi, all deceased and considered principals, financiers or organizers.

Also accused the former carabiniere Piergiorgio Segatel, for misdirection, and Domenico Catracchia, condominium administrator of buildings in via Gradoli in Rome who according to the magistrates is responsible for false information to the prosecutor in order to divert the investigations. Bellini, after having participated in almost all the hearings, was not present in the courtroom today.

Palma stressed that the Attorney General will deal first with Bellini’s position and then that of the other two defendants.

‘The starting point of this process as well as of our investigation is the definitive convictions of the former Nar Valerio Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro and Luigi Ciavardini’, always underlined the Pg. “Putting together the sentences on Mambro and Fioravanti and the one on Ciavardini, we can say that there is a solid starting platform, they were the ones”.

In the first part of the indictment, the Pg focused mainly on the role of Licio Gelli, head of P2, and on the flow of money, 15 million dollars, documented by the so-called ‘Appunto Bologna’, which according to the accusation was subtracted from the coffers of Banco Ambrosiano Andino and was used in part, for a sum of 5 million dollars, to finance the massacre. Money passed to the accounts of Gelli, Ortolani and the figurehead Marco Ceruti. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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