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Ponte Genova: Committee, do not fall silent on the trial

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Removed the carcass of the tank that caught fire on the A1 in the Lodi area (ANSA)

(ANSA) – GENOA, FEBRUARY 17 – “Yesterday the prosecution of prosecutors in the proceeding for the collapse of the Morandi bridge ended. The very serious elements that emerged should leave all citizens astonished who for years risked their lives, but not only. And instead it seems to have fallen silent “. This was stated by Egle Possetti, president of the remembrance committee of the Morandi bridge victims after the request for indictment of 59 defendants during the preliminary hearing.

“There are important and incontrovertible elements – continues Possetti – that have emerged, which obviously will have to pass the trial, but as of now they throw a huge light on the story. Our feeling is that the gravity of what happened is largely underestimated. That. what is astonishing is that many do not give due prominence to the evolution of this affair which is one of the great national shames, we would not like to think of the rumors that whisper that this ‘lack of attention is wanted’, we do not want to believe ourselves as Italian citizens ” .

“Maybe we relatives have bored – he concludes – with our sad stories and the media want to give a little serenity to this nation, but the evolution of the pure story cannot be put under trace, it cannot be hidden. But the truth is a volcano and when it comes out definitively it will be unstoppable and will also overwhelm all those who have helped to hide or tame it, for now they are 59. This battle is also a struggle of civilization for all, for fairness, for justice, for change, don’t forget it “.


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Source: Ansa

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