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Fraudulent bankruptcy of the company, three arrests in Reggio Emilia

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(ANSA) – REGGIO EMILIA, FEBRUARY 17 – Five precautionary measures – of which three in detention – and 12 under investigation. This is the balance sheet of the ‘Melisseo’ operation with which the Guardia di Finanza and Police of Reggio Emilia unmasked a round of tax fraud and fraudulent bankruptcies of four companies for a total damage to the treasury of approximately 1.6 million. Of these 792 thousand euros related to non-existent invoices, 280 thousand euros to evaded taxes and 175 thousand to offset non-existent credits.

The blitz started at dawn with about fifty men from the financial economic nucleus of the Fiamme Gialle and the mobile police squad, who carried out two prison measures and one under house arrest of three Italian people, issued by the investigating judge of the Reggio Emilia court . Among the suspects, for various reasons, also a lawyer with office in Modena who will be subject to the obligation to sign as well as recipient of the prohibition measure of the prohibition to practice the profession for one year. The latter is seriously suspected of having facilitated the directors of the companies to conceal the accounts, arranging complaints and appeals in an instrumental way on behalf of nominees who have proved untraceable.

The investigations – launched in 2018 – involve companies in the Bassa Reggiana operating in the sectors of agricultural machinery construction and construction trade. According to what was reconstructed by the investigators, the aim was to bring them to bankruptcy after diverting company assets to enjoy an illicit profit by subtracting material assets, goods and financial resources. One company, in particular, had achieved significant levels of turnover and employment, reaching as many as 30 employees. But then it was brought to the so-called ‘decoction’, or the condition of insolvency. (HANDLE).

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