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Fly out of taxi, driver arrested after interception

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(ANSA) – CREMONA, 17 FEB – Already under investigation for kidnapping and very serious culpable injuries, he was arrested by the Mobile Squad, and is under house arrest, the 68-year-old taxi driver from Cremona involved, on the night of Christmas Eve, in an argument with a 27-year-old passenger “mysteriously flown” by the taxi launched at high speed, fell on the street face down and ended up in a coma with a severe head injury.

What betrayed Giovanni Carrera, a well-known operator in the Lombard city where he has been in service for thirty years, was an interception on 7 February last. That day, as soon as he left the office of the prosecutor who questioned him, Carrera called an acquaintance. And without imagining being heard by the investigators, he explains: “The prosecutor told me that the boy is at home and that he is no longer in the hospital, but his health conditions are still very serious. Well, so he cannot tell his story. version: that’s a good thing “.

For the investigators, it is like a confession, the proof of the validity of their reconstruction of the facts: that is a dispute over the payment of the race, in total 20 euros. The boy, who was with two friends, had ten and wanted to pay with the pos.

The girls got out. The taxi driver set off at high speed with the hatch open and over Luca, who fifty meters later flew onto the sidewalk in a pool of blood. According to Carrera, he would have tried to get off. For the investigators and the investigating judge Pier Paolo Beluzzi, however, in the precautionary order for “futile reasons” or the non-payment of “ten euros”, the taxi driver showed an “uncontrolled state of irascibility”, “ready to adopt violent and extremely dangerous behaviors for the safety of others only for a sort of ‘spite’. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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