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Too many tolls, bells close to Trieste in Brussels

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Como: the funeral of Marinella Beretta, the woman found dead at home after three years (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, FEBRUARY 19 – The controversy over the tolling of the bells of the historic church of Sant’Ulderico / Sveti Urh in Dolina in the province of Trieste, close to the border with Slovenia, even reaches Brussels.

All eight Slovenian MEPs in fact presented a written question to the European Commission claiming that the seizure of the bells was “an interruption of a long tradition and an interference in the culture and customs of this place”. Furthermore, they criticized the measure adopted by the Italian authorities calling it “disproportionate” and dangerous for “the complex coexistence between the people and nations who live together in this area”. The MEPs then ask the Commission if it was aware of the case and how it intends to do so to “stop the disproportionate actions against religious freedom and cultural tradition in the area where the Slovenian autochthonous community in the Italian Republic lives”. The deputies will not be satisfied with a “bureaucratic” response, but “an active and resolutive solution to the problem, which will help restore trust among the population”.

Since last January 12, the bells and clock no longer ring after the judge has ordered their release from seizure but, apparently, the mechanism cannot be adjusted on the basis of the conditions of the judiciary in terms of intensity of the sound and frequency of the tolls. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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