In Macerata elementary school children learn Braille

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(ANSA) – MACERATA, 20 FEB – Tablets, cards, pens and awls are the tools available to children of four elementary classes of the “Fratelli Cervi” primary school in Macerata to become familiar with writing in Braille, the code that allows blind peers to read, study and grow together with them. The workshops, activated by the teachers of the Dante Alighieri Comprehensive Institute, were promoted by the Macerata section of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Uici) on the occasion of the National Braille Day which is celebrated every year on 21 February. The first lesson involved two fourth classes, with about forty children in total, and was held over two days, on February 15th and 18th. Two more lessons are scheduled for next week and will involve the pupils of the fifth.

“The restrictions still in place due to the pandemic did not allow us to go to schools for the meetings that we usually organize together with the teachers – explains Bruna Giampieri, president of Uici Macerata -, so we decided to involve and raise awareness among young students by offering them a workshop through which to approach Braille. We are sure that this approach, so close to the game, is able to stimulate curiosity and interest in a reality very distant from their everyday life “. The children worked on the texts of two nursery rhymes: “The nursery rhyme of the different” by Bruno Tognolini and “Letter to the children” by Gianni Rodari. According to Giampieri “moments like this represent for us an extra step towards that full integration of blind children that we all hope for”.

“The one with the National Day of Braille is always a very important appointment for us – underlines the president of Uici Marche, Cristiano Vittori – because the adoption of this code has allowed entire generations to access the written cultural heritage of humanity, significantly improving the quality of their life through training, work and emancipation “. (HANDLE).

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