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Ukraine: many in the square in Reggio Calabria, “left alone”

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Ukraine, Salvini:

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, 26 FEB – The No to war in Ukraine echoes strongly also from Calabria. In the square in Reggio, about 500 people, representing the unitary trade unions, Cgil, Cisl and Uil, of the Sul, Auser and Libera trade unions, together with representatives of parties, movements and associations, gathered to demonstrate against a defined conflict “ruthless, unacceptable from any geopolitical point of view, and motivated only by Russia’s desire to expand its field of influence towards the West, towards Europe, which with NATO would represent a threat to its internal security”.

In Piazza Italia, in the center of the city, there was a large Ukrainian community. Many blue and yellow flags that, mostly women, engaged in the city in assisting the elderly as carers, waved during the demonstration. On their faces the concern for the children, family members, friends, whom they left behind, now at the mercy of air and ground raids by the Russian army. Lyudmilla, originally from Kiev, with red eyes from the tears of these hours, speaks of genocide in progress. You never mention Putin or the Russians. “These monsters – he says – how they could hit a 25-storey building where innocent people, women and children reside. I demand that all the countries in the world that call themselves democratic intervene. We have been left alone. Not even the UN, despite the our repeated requests has ever listened to us Chernobyl, you know what Chernobyl is, it is now in the hands of this monster, how can you sleep peacefully? “.

Beside her Tatiana displays a flag of Ukraine. About her Of her family members she says: “They are alive, for now. But they are living in great danger and I am very, very worried.” Another woman, in tears, asks for donations of medical first aid material: “We need cotton, gauze, wraps, everything that is useful and indispensable at this moment, to be sent to the Red Cross in Kiev.” You are mothers, you are all mothers, here today, listen to us! “.

They say they appreciate the demonstrations and the closeness of the Italians, but they ask for concrete help, and above all that their country is not abandoned to its fate. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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