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Administration of the Novavax vaccine has started in Lombardy and Piedmont

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Ukraine, Borrell:

The administration of Novavax started this morning in Lombardy and Piedmont.

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After the arrival of the first 174,000 doses, the administration of Novavax began in Lombardy. At 13.30 today to have received the new protein-based anti-Covid vaccine, therefore with a more traditional technology, already 115 Lombard, of which well over half (77) over fifty, according to what was reported by the regional Welfare Department. The most numerous group is that of the fifties, 52 those vaccinated with Novavax during the first morning.
In Lombardy Novavax will not be able to choose but the Region has decided to allocate it to all the first doses over 18, reserving 50% of the stocks for the second doses of the same vaccine, which will be administered three weeks after the first.
The Region has also provided the list of hubs in which it will be available: 16 throughout the Lombardy region, including that of the Scintille in Milan. In recent days, the vice president and regional councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti expressed the hope that “this vaccine, with characteristics similar to vaccines widely used for decades, can convince the last undecided to join the Lombard vaccination campaign”.

The administration of Novavax started today also in Piedmont. 72,200 were the first doses that arrived yesterday and were immediately delivered to the health authorities. The latest figure provided by the Region was over 1,600 members.

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Source: Ansa

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